Benefits of using WiredContact with ACT!

Real-time, remote access to ACT! database from any computer browser

no synchronization process involved!

remote users update database on-the-fly as if they were on the LAN

updates are instantly seen by all users (on the LAN and remotely)

entire company able to provide faster and better customer service
(contact updates, activities, notes, history, correspondence, attachments and
more available)

inside and outside sales teams work in tandem for collaborative selling

remote users work more efficiently (see updates, activities, contacts, notes, attachments and more from associates quicker; less administration)

sales managers have up-to-date sales information for reporting

distribute leads to remote salespeople instantly and track disposition

Remote users cannot import or export data - data is secure

data is stored on companys network

salespeople dont "walk away" with corporate intelligence when leaving company

No software installed on the remote users machine - less administration!

less administration for I.T. staff

less administration for remote user --- they dont have to remember to synchronize

Remote office collaboration

global library

shared data

shared attachments

MAC or PC platform - ability to have cross platforms within a company!

Reduced workload for I.T. staff

reduced server administration - no synchronization

software updates done on the server

Minimal hardware specifications for WiredContact user

Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher

Internet connection

Maintain data integrity

secure fields that cannot be edited or seen by specific users


Ease of use (some examples):

lookups - primary Lookup fields always in view

point and click activity scheduling - date, time and duration

one mouse click email and letter templates with attachments

easy access to company documents through Library

Lookup Recent Contacts (set time frame