alias mild mannered computer consultant for

The "ACTMobile" gets us anywhere in the Washington DC area quickly.


First ACT! Certified Consultant in Washington DC
Rick Shaddock (class of 1992) 202-829-4444

Speeding out from the ACT! Cave to a client in need

3300 Fairfax Drive, Arlington Virginia
3 miles from The White House

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act.jpg (1444 bytes) ACT! and sidekick SalesLogix SalesLogix are the caped CRM fighters


The Accesser, The Commencer, The Fox, The GoldMiner, The Shark, The TeleMagician, The Gorilla, The Maximizer, The Sales Force,
and more CRMinals

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Clients can signal for ACT! Man to the rescue day or night.

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Mobile phone and computer

ACT! Mobile Music

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