A Tribute to a Fine But Discontinued Product

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by CogniTech Corporation, then bought by MultiActive

C I Corporation offers:

 wpe13.jpg (1100 bytes) Training

wpe15.jpg (1125 bytes) Consulting - Mackay 66

wpe12.jpg (1174 bytes)Data Conversions

wpe11.jpg (1264 bytes) Data Integration

wpe24.jpg (973 bytes) Sales (unfortunately SharkWare has been discontinued)

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Harvey Mackay
, the inventor of SharkWare


Sharkware Screen Shots
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Books by Harvey MacKay
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Programmer: George Wellborn

Download Free Trial

Unfortunately, SharkWare is longer supported by MultiActive.
It does not run on Windows XP, so you may wish to convert.

Sharkware Link for Palm Pilot
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SharkWare to ACT! Conversion

SharkWare to Goldmine Conversion

SharkWare to Maximizer Conversion


C I Corporation


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