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Customer Relationship Management

C I Corporation wishes to be the best consulting firm for Contact Management, or Customer Relationship Management software.  To do this, we have experts on staff for each of the major CRM software systems.  We can only truly by called "consultants" if we have tried the other brands.   They all have the 10 Basic Functions of a CRM.

CRM Software Our Consulting & Training Service Database Conversion Service
act.jpg (1444 bytes)ACT!
Broker's Ally   BrokersAlly
Broker's Helper   BrokersHelper
Broker's Notebook   BrokersNotebook
CiviCRM CiviCRM.Us
  Contact Information Assistant
goldmine.jpg (1426 bytes)Goldmine - FrontRange
Bill Good's Gorrilla

Bill Good's Gorilla System
GoDaddy CRM Epicor Enterprise Resource Planning database conversions
Google CRM Google Help
Groove Contact Management
groupwise.jpg (1393 bytes)GroupWise GroupWiseHelp GroupWiseConvert
HubSpot HubSpot conversios
InfoFlo   ConvertInfoFlo
LotusNotes.jpg (1146 bytes)Lotus Notes LotusNotesHelp LotusNotesConvert
wpe41.jpg (1437 bytes)Maestro MaestroHelp MaestroConvert
Maximizer_icon.jpg (1183 bytes)Maximizer
MSCRM   Microsoft Dynamics CRM

access.jpg (1135 bytes) Microsoft Access
outlook.jpg (1020 bytes)Microsoft Outlook
oracleabc.jpg (961 bytes)Oracle Small Business
palm.jpg (1168 bytes)Palm Address Book PalmHelp.Us PalmConvert.Us
q&a.jpg (1273 bytes) Q&A

wpeE.jpg (1052 bytes)
saleslogix.jpg (980 bytes)SalesLogix
Sharks.jpg (1250 bytes)SharkWare
telemagic.gif (2200 bytes)TeleMagic now called Sage CRM
TopProducer TopProducer  
Zoho CRM    

We can thus offer you a unique perspective, and enjoy seeing the similarities and differences between the various CRM systems.

Here is a list of the Top 40 from

Top 15 Cloud CDMs

We often convert our own client database in to one of the above, to get more direct personal experience.  As a result, we have data conversion routines:

We have no special interest in either one, and are happy to help you find the right program for you.

Review of Contact Managers
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April 2003 - Garter Group Report

10 Basic Functions of a CRM

C I Corporation
International Clients and Projects
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