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Getting the peg in the hole is the tricky part

With one hand stabilizing the roof, reach back.
Feel around to locate the hole to put the peg in to
This is where another person can really help,
because you may not be able to see where the hole is.

We suggest you put a towel in the area, to help
prevent scratching your trunk's paint with the peg.
Lower the peg slowly in to the hole
Carefully exchange your finger for the roof's peg.

Remember to take out your hand
to avoid it being crushed by the weight.

The roof is now stabilized by the peg in the hole.
Lower the top so the 2 side and 2 front pegs go in

Use the tool to lock the hood on to the car

Whew! Another top successfully put on

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Another technique under development:
How to persuade your wife to help.