Mercedes Benz Convertible Hard Top

What if you want to drive in the sun and no one is around to help? 
How can you be "SLf sufficient" - if no hoist is available?

How to get the SL roof top on and off by your self

Step 1: Go to your car

Step 2: Put down the windows.  Now take off your jacket.

3. Loosen the roof top above the left right sun visor,
turn the handle to the right

4. Loosen the roof top above the front right sun visor,
turn the handle to the right

5. Put the handle in the bolt on the driver's side.
Loosen the roof holder near the left door seat
Do the same on the passenger side.

Check List:
Put all windows in the down position.
Leave the driver side door in the open position.
Turn the handle so the latch releases the peg for the hard top
Lift the hood from all points about 1 inch to make sure it is loose.
Lean the driver's seat forward so you have room to exit.
Place a Pillow or cushion down where you will store the top.

6. Get the hood, get in the car, leave the driver's door open.
Sit in the back, crouching down.  Keep feet away from speakers.
Slowly raise the top up and on your shoulders

7. Carefully move towards the driver door
Steady the roof with your left hand.
Hold your balance with your right hand.

8. Get out of the car holding the top on your shoulders.
Be careful not to bang the roof on your car
or dent the car of others.

9. Take the top to a good place for storage.
Place a pillow or cushion on the ground (not visible).

10. Slowly lower the back to the ground or pillow.
Move forward slowly to get out from under the top

11. Lower the front of the top carefully to the ground.
Place pillows or cushions under the points contacting the ground.

12. Now you can drive and enjoy the sun
with the convertible top off.

Now for

Putting the top back on

This is trickier.

Rick & Oksana Shaddock
Greater Washington Section Member S018485
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Warning: This information is provided as a public service.
It is always best to have someone to help you whenever possible.
Do not attempt this if you have any back problems or are under medical supervision.
We are not liable if you hurt yourself or your car doing this technique.