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Clean Up Your GoldMine

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Clean up your GoldMine - standardize your addresses and perform an infinite variety of global replaces
GoldMineNot - Clean Do Not Call numbers from your database
ACTdDupe - merge and remove records so that no data is lost
InitCAPS - put your names and addresses in Initial Caps intelligently
Mr. & Ms. Contact - put Mr. or Mrs. in front contact names automatically
GoldMine Record Manager Manager - Allows you to sort, group, remove, and report on records, based on the Record Manager field
ACTPopUp - Automatically create DropDown list
ACTFox - view or edit your GoldMine database using FoxPro
GoldMine 1099 - send out your tax reports with this report template FREE
AllField.Cly Screen Layout - see all the fields at once with this screen layout FREE
FirstLastName - Better First and Last Name parsing
FiltEx - Fast FoxPro Filter Express, using indexing
Goldmine to GoldMine Conversion Process - upgrade from Goldmine to GoldMine
Goldmine.Cly Screen Layout - see your fields as they would appear in Goldmine
GoldMine Group Sales - open or close sales all at once for a group
GoldMine XTab - crosstab analysis of your database
GoldMine Congress Database - names and addresses of Congressmen, Senators, and staff
GoldMine Embassy Database - names and addresses of Ambassadors and Consulates is the only official add on site authorized by FrontRange Solutions

You can also order them through their web site.



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SJR Productions

SJR creates an in-box catalog with many add ons.

Category Listings

 Books | Newsletters
 Business Planning
 Communications - Email | Messaging | Fax
 Data Export
 Data Input
 Data Lookup
 Data Management
 Mailing | Shipping
 Organizer AddOns
 PDA Products & Accessories
 Project Management
 Quoting | Proposals
 Sales | Marketing Tools
 Utilities | Accessories
 Web | Wireless Access


Address Grabber: No more wasting your time copying & pasting or re-typing a person's contact information. With Address Grabber, simply highlight the information you want, click a button, and it is automatically loaded as a contact in GoldMine

Oakhurst Software

Established in 1990, Oakhurst developed and marketed a complete array of Sales Force Automation software applications compatible with GoldMine


GoldMinePAK! - The original Add On for GoldMine
OAK!Check! - check your names, and addresses for deliverability
OAK!Merge! - easy merge utility
OAK!Quote! - create quotes right from GoldMine
OAK!Script! - design scripts for your marketing people to follow in GoldMine
OAK!Ship! - make shipping labels directly from GoldMine
OAK!Zip!. - check and update your Zip codes

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