SJR Productions

If you have a product that ACT! users should know about, don't miss this effective in-box catalog!

Fifty thousand (50M) four-color catalogs are printed on a quarterly basis for insertion into all ACT! product boxes. The catalogs are 8-1/2" x 5-1/2", printed on heavy, 70# recycled paper. Ads are available in full and half page sizes (half page ads run horizontally).

Your time commitment is minimal, as the highly trained simians at SJR Productions handle all the design and production. You will receive a Specification Sheet outlining the copy and graphic submissions you will send us. Before we ever send the catalog to print we will send you proofs, including a PDF file (so you can see color breaks, lunch breaks, coffee stains, etc.) for your signed approval.

Your product(s) must work directly with ACT!, or your ad must make a special offer available only to ACT! users. All products/ads must be approved by the all-seeing all-knowing folks at Symantec. To get this process started, fill out a Partner Profile Form, which can be found at the Symantec ACT! web site

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If the above information hasn't confused you, you must not have read it . So for further questions and current advertising rates, please contact Dee White at 503 775-2909 or e-mail

If you have an ACT! Add On, this is where your product will get noticed by ACT! users!