How To Receive Your
Business Contact Manager (BCM) Database

You will receive a link for downloading the database.
Download the Zip file we emailed you the link to.

Put the contents in your designated database folder, such as C:\TEMP

Click on it to Extract All the contents
You may need WinZip installed if you do not have Window XP.
You can download the files in to the folder of your choice, and uncompress (unzip).

The Business Contact Manager database is in Microsoft SQL Server format (.MDF)

You can place the MDF and LDF in the same folder that contains the demo files.
Look for the folder containing "MSSampleBusines.MDF" - for example
"C:\Users\administrator\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Business Contact Manager"

Then in Outlook, select "Business Contact Manager" at the bottom of the File menu.
Select "Manager Databases", then "Create or Select a Database...".
You will see screen which enables you to "Connect to a Local Database".
Your database should appear in the list. Then select the Connect button.

This will add the files to the MSSMLBIZ instance of your MS SQL Server

* Start Outlook which loads your default PST.
* Select Business Contact Manager
* (If necessary click Enable BCM )
* custom Choose a local or remote database

Go to Outlook BCM




Then click on Connect to a Local Database

Select your database which now appears on the list.  BCM gets this list from MS SQL Server

It is connecting

Now you are in BCM

You can see the names

Selecting a BCM database
You can switch from one to the other
including the BCM Demo database
Sample Screens

From ACT! to Outlook BCM

From Goldmine to Outlook BCM