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BillPay >When adding a new customer or vendor, the BillPay is automatically selected by default, then we have to unselect it, in order to save.
You can go to Setup and turn off the automatic credit card billing.  See more
BillPay >When memorized transactions brings up a payment, it uses the wrong memo and amount.  How can I fix it so it pays AB company for $300 each month?

The Memorized Transactions feature uses a "model" bill payment, even if you do not intend to pay the vendor with this model.  Make one which has all the information you need, then edit and click Memorize and fill in the way that you want it to come up.  Then you may delete the "model" bill payment.  You cannot edit the model.  You must make a new model, in order for Memorized Transactions to follow it.

Search >I used to be able to search for text that is "contained in" a contact's info, but that feature has been removed i the latest version.  Is there a way to get it back?

You can reactivate in Set Preferences, then uncheck that the Search Contains Keywords

CreditCard >We used to be able to see the full credit card numbers from our online store so we can type them in our credit card machine to print out a receipt.  Now I only see ***** and the last 4 digits.  How does Netsuite expect us to transact business?  Is this their way of forcing us to use them as a credit card processing company?  I can't get my money!

Actually NetSuite does not do credit card processing.  You can enable "View encrypted credit card info" under the Permissions Setup tab as an Administrator for any roles you wish.  Hiding them was just the default for the normal user.

Login >C'mon why does it take 3 minutes to FINALLY log in!!?  I come back from getting coffee and it is STILL Loading....

You might have a lot of charts do compute on your dashboard, which could be removed. For example a chart to compute your sales for the last 10 years will take some time to load.  Better to view that off the dashboard.

Mail Merge >I am sending an email with these codes, but the person's name does not show up  

You have to click on the Update Primary button to make the person the primary contact if there is more than one.

BillPay .> I want to switch banks.  How do I tell Netsuite to pay through a different bank?

Once you begin using Online Bill Pay, if you need to change the bank account used for payments. Have you done the following steps to switch the bank accounts? If you have when was the information submitted to Metavante?
1. Resubmit the Set Up Online Bill Pay page with the new bank account selected.
2. Do not submit any new Online Bill Payments until the account switch has been completed.
3. Complete the new Payment Authorization Form with the new bank account information.
4. Complete the Remove Metavante Account Form for the old account.
5. Send both the new Payment Authorization Form and the Remove Metavante Account Form to Metavante at the same time.
6. You will receive a verification e-mail from Metavante that the new account is active, and that the old account has been removed.
7. Process a test Online Bill Pay transaction to confirm that the new account is being used.
Note: Submit both the Remove Metavante Account Form and new Payment Authorization Form to Metavante at the same time. Do not send them separately.

Mail merge >I am trying to insert my customer's name in a form letter.  How can I do that?

Here are the standard Field Codes to use in email and letter merges

BillPay >In BillPay it just shows "To Bill Pay"   I have to go in to edit it then out again to see the actual check number. Is there a way to automatically update all the "To Bill Pay" entries to their actual BP Check number so I know it went out?

After entering and approving an online bill payment, the bill payment Check # will display as To Bill Pay until Metavante has processed the check or EFT. This can take up to 48 hours.

After Metavante has processed the check or EFT, navigate to Transactions > Bank > View Online Bill Pay Status and check the Show All box in the page footer to view the online bill payment and automatically update the payment in NetSuite with the check number assigned by Metavante. Check numbers will not appear on bill payments until you have viewed this page and checked the Show All box.

  >I'm trying to send a check through BillPay to part time employee. It says 2183 is the check, on the Payroll screen. But I cannot find a way to send the check out through BillPay.   How can I do this? He's waiting on his check.

Is the employee in question enabled for online bill pay? You can determine this by navigating to Lists > Employees > Employees and click edit next to the employee in question. There is an Enable Bill Pay option at the top of the employee record on the right hand side that allows you to enable them for online bill pay. You will also need to place an account number into the account field found on the General sub tab of the employee record. This account number is given to you by the online bill payment service. You will also need to enter a default billing address for this employee that includes a zip code in order for the employee to receive the check from the online bill payment service.

If the employee is enabled for online bill pay, when you cut the check did you mark the bill pay box? You can do this by navigating to Transactions > Bank > Write Checks > List. Click edit next to the check in question, and determine if the Bill Pay box at the top of the page is checked or unchecked. If it is unchecked, then this check was never sent to the online bill payment service.

Payees >What if a client is also a vendor, if we buy something from them, and they buy something from us. For example, a shipping company that ships for us, and we host their web site. What is the best way to handle that? Must we create 2 separate records, one as a client, and one as a vendor, or is there a way for it to do both?  We have a similar situation with subcontractors who are "employees" entering on the Time Sheet, yet Vendors for mailing their pay check via BillPay.  What is the best way to handle these double duty entities?

You will need to create two separate entity records. You will need to create a Vendor record and a Customer record. Our system does not support one record to be both a customer and a vendor. Once you create these two entity record you will be able to create bills for the vendor and invoices for the customer.

Payees >I keep getting duplicates of my payees when I load my QIF files in to Netledger.  How can I consolidate these payees in to one?

See: How to Consolidate Duplicate Payees

Entry >I keep getting this Debug message!

I would recommend navigating to Tools - Internet Options in your browser. Once you are in Internet Options, click on Advanced at the end of the row of tabs. In Advanced under the Browsing header, check the box that says Disable Script Debugging and then click Ok. From this point forward, you should not experience that problem again.


Cannot select Type >When making a New Contact, I cannot select a contact Type.  The mouse does not let me click on the drop down list.  See here.  

If you are using IE5.0, this is why you are unable to choose a contact type.  We no longer support this Browser version, and I will need you to Upgrade to 5.5 SP2.  Please do the following to Download the new version.  Please do not upgrade to 6.0.
1. Go to the
2. Click on Downloads under resources
3. Click on the Next 45
4. And Click on the Link For IE5.5 SP2
Once you have this new verison downloaded you will no longer have this issue with choosing a contact Type.

First, please ensure you are using an up-to-date version of Internet Explorer.  In IE, click Help - About Internet Explorer.  

If your Version is 5.5, please make sure Update Versions has "SP2" listed.  If not, you can get Service Pack 2 for Internet Explorer 5.5 from

If your Version is 6.0, please make sure Update Versions has "SP1" listed.  If not, you can get Service Pack 1 for Internet Explorer 6.0 from

If your Version is less than version 5.5, please download and install Internet Explorer 6.0 from

When entering a New Contact, cannot click on Type, thus cannot Save.

This happens often.

wpe1.jpg (20117 bytes)

Bug >I have tried from several different locations when on the check registered:  "A Runtime Error has occurred.
>Do you wish to Debug?
>Line: 227
>Error: Object expected"

This error occurs usually because of cache pages.  You need to clear your browser's cache and cookies.  To clear your browser's Cache:

In Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher:

(1) Click Tools - Internet Options
(2) Under General Tab, In Temporary Internet Files, Click Delete Files
(3) Click OK in the pop-up to verify deletion of temporary files
(4) Result- You have cleared Internet Explorer's Cache


1. Tools
2. Internet options
3. Settings (under temporary internet files)
4. View files
5. Under Edit (click on select all)
6. Delete and close files
7. Then CTRL F5

In Netscape Navigator 4.7 or higher:

(1) Click Edit - Preferences
(2) Click the drop-down arrow for Advanced
(3) Click Cache
(4) Click Clear Memory Cache
(5) Click Clear Disk Cache
(6) Result- You have cleared Netscape Navigator's Cache

This should help with your runtime error.  

> How to issue a credit to a customer's credit card via Netledger?   Is it a credit memo?

This assumes you have already set up OSB to accept credit cards with a credit card processing company such as

If it is the credit is the entire transaction amount then you can go to
Enter Cash Sales (list)  -  or Accept Client Payments   (List)
select sale you want to refund.  
Do not click on edit, click on the date of the transaction.  
Once you are in the cash sale click on refund.  

If the credit is part of the transaction then you will need to submit a credit memo, then issue a customer refund.  To issue a credit memo go to
Issue credit memo
select the customer
then select the item he/she is returning
Then save.  

Now go to Transactions Issue customer refund
select the customer you are refunding
enter appropriate information
then make sure to put a check in the charge it field
check the box underneath apply
then Save.

Don't issue a Credit Memo - that is for refunds/exhanges.


The disappearing Submit button

Question: I'm entering a Case or a new Contact, and can't find the Submit button!
Answer: This happens.   Click on the Maximize button, then you'll see it in the lower right.

wpe1.jpg (118483 bytes)


The Changeless Change

You make a change, and Oracle SB says there has been no change.  Don't worry about it.  The change has taken.
For example, in this case, the Date for the class had changed.  Just select OK.

wpe4.jpg (69334 bytes)


In Edit mode, I cannot edit the Email address

wpe1.jpg (71695 bytes)


Bill Pay > I entered a payment but no check went out.  What's wrong?

You need to click on Approve Online Bill Payments and select those you want to pay.  Then click Save.

Time Tracking >How do I log in to NetSuite to enter my hours?

Here are the steps

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