Field Names for use in Mail Merge

When creating a template, you can only use fields that apply to the type of record you are creating letters for. For example, the NLCLASS and NLDEPARTMENT fields can only be used in letters to employees, as these fields do not exist on a customer or contact record. Fields listed with an "x" or "" in this table can be used for that record type.

Fields listed with a "" can be used in templates for contacts, and the information will populate from the corresponding field on the company record associated with the contact.

NetSuite Field Merge Field Customer Contact Vendor Partner Employee
Account Number NLACCOUNTNUMBER x x   x
Address NLADDRESS x x x x x
Address Line 1 NLADDRESS1 x x x x x
Address Line 2 NLADDRESS2 x x x x x
Alternate E-mail NLALTEMAIL   x     x
Alternate Phone NLALTPHONE x x    
Billing Address NLBILLADDRESS x x x x x
Category NLCATEGORY x x x  
City NLCITY x x x x x
Class NLCLASS         x
Company NLCOMPANY   x     x
Company Name NLCOMPANYNAME x x x  
Contact NLCONTACT x x x    
Country NLCOUNTRY x x x x x
Credit Limit NLCREDITLIMIT x x    
Date Created NLDATECREATED x x x x x
Department NLDEPARTMENT         x
E-mail NLEMAIL x x x x x
Employee Type NLEMPLOYEETYPE         x
Entity ID NLENTITYID x x x x x
Customer Status NLENTITYSTATUS x      
Fax NLFAX x x x x x
First Name NLFIRSTNAME x x x   x
Hire Date NLHIREDATE         x
Home Phone NLHOMEPHONE   x     x
Last Name NLLASTNAME x x x   x
Lead Source NLLEADSOURCE x      
Location NLLOCATION         x
Middle Name NLMIDDLENAME x x x   x
Mobile Phone NLMOBILEPHONE   x     x
Office Phone NLOFFICEPHONE   x     x
Opening Balance NLOPENINGBALANCE x x    
Partner NLPARTNER x        
Partner Code NLPARTNERCODE       x  
Phone NLPHONE x x x x x
Price Level NLPRICELEVEL x        
Promotion Code NLPROMOCODE x        
Sales Rep NLSALESREP x      
Sales Rep Nickname NLSALESREPNICKNAME x      
Sales Rep Signature NLSALESREPSIGNATURE x     x
Salutation NLSALUTATION x x x x x
Shipping Address NLSHIPADDRESS x x x x  
State NLSTATE x x x x x
Supervisor NLSUPERVISOR   x     x
Terms NLTERMS x x    
Title NLTITLE   x     x
Web Address NLURL x x x  
Zip Code NLZIPCODE x x x x x