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.3 .4 brke fluid

Changing spark plugs

AirFilter   Oil   SparkPlugs   Windshield

youtube.com/watch?v=iufVRYIFOp4 - fuel pump

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1lPAs2d5p80 - gas tank

W201 series   1982 - 1993


47 hose from tank to fuel pump 2014703875
63 hose clip
65 hose clip
53 hose with connection to small filter 2014704675
53 hose with connection to small filter 2014703975
68 hose from filters to supply 2014703775
77 hose from supply line to engine 1234702475
80 hose from engine to return line 2014706475
80 hose from engine to return line 2014703675



Fuel Level Sender



Fuel Pump





Replace fan mower and Windshield wiper


Bosch K-Jetronic Fuel Injection System


Changing the fuel injectors on my Mercedes 190e with a M102 Engine.



fuel pressure regulator mercedes w204



KE-Jetronic - The mythical "vacuum" connection at fuel pressure regulator

Mercedes M104.980 K-Jet Fuel Pressure Regulator Replacement & Duty Cycle Adjustment

Fuel Pressure Regulator Diagnosis + Understanding

brake fluid hose leak made puddle

Fuel Filter




Placeholder Alt Text Figure 1

With the car safely lifted and supported remove the three 10mm plastic nuts (yellow arrows) holding the plastic protective cover on. Note: we have the exhaust off of the car for another project we are working on, but it does NOT need to be removed for this project.

Placeholder Alt Text Figure 2

With the cover removed you can see the fuel pump (red arrow) the fuel accumulator (green arrow) and the fuel filter, including the two fittings (yellow arrow). Use two 17mm wrenches to remove the compression fitting and a 20mm and 17mm to remove the banjo fitting. Hold the filter with one wrench while turning the fitting with the other.

Placeholder Alt Text Figure 3

There are three Phillips head screws (yellow arrows) that hold the fuel pumps, filter and accumulator to the rubber hangers. Remove these screws and lower the bracket enough to remove the old filter and install the new one.

Placeholder Alt Text Figure 4

When installing the new filter do not forget to install the two brass washers between the banjo bolt, filter and fitting.

Placeholder Alt Text Figure 5

It is a good idea to replace the rubber hangers (yellow arrows) that hold the fuel assembly when you are replacing the filter. They get old, dry out and crack. They are not expensive and are a good insurance against a failure. One of ours on the project car was ripped through and two others where about to let go (insert lower left).