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TeleMagic Family of Products


TeleMagic was originally designed for large network installations, but small to mid-sized businesses also benefit extensively from TeleMagic’s robust feature set and data management.  The complete customization features allow the user the ability to start with a blank page, and build a database to fit any business needs, or choose from several preloaded existing template designs.  Databases have been designed for many uses not traditionally associated with customer relationship management including inventory tracking, invoice generation, help desks, employee time cards, and sales force automation.  This level of flexibility means the software changes to work the way a business does, instead of requiring that a business change the way it does business to fit the software. 


 NetClient is a three-tier application consisting of the Client, the TeleMagic Application Server (TMAS), and the TeleMagic databases.  Using the latest remote data access technology, TeleMagic NetClient reads and displays the database structure from TeleMagic.  This means that an installation of TeleMagic can reside in Seattle and be directly accessed by users in New York, London, Sydney, or anywhere in the world.  TeleMagic NetClient remote users are working in an environment that looks and behaves very similar to TeleMagic.

 NetClient Browser Edition

NetClient Browser Edition allows users to access TeleMagic data from any location that has an Internet connection, without any special setup.  By launching Internet Explorer V4 or V5, users can enter the URL of the server, enter their login information, and access all of the TeleMagic databases, including all levels, views, pages, fields, filters, and indexes.  TeleMagic’s extensive security is respected.  The Browser Edition will give complete access to TeleMagic’s three-level database structure, as well as the ability to have multiple data views, with up to 99 pages in each view.  

TeleMagic Prospect Module

TeleMagic Prospect Module allows users to gather prospect names from the Internet and bring them directly into TeleMagic.  This module is pre-configured with a User Login, database and page, so no configuration is required from the Prospect.  Once in TeleMagic via the browser, users will be able to add a record without seeing any of the existing records in the database. 

TeleMagic Auto Responder

 TeleMagic Auto Responder automatically checks a database for records meeting a specified filter’s criteria.  When a record or records meet these criteria, a pre-determined response is generated.  The response can be a fax and/or e-mail that can also include merge information and document attachments.  E-mail responses can be sent either to a contact’s e-mail address, or a group of addresses can be specified.  Auto Responder can create an activity and/or stamp the contact’s notepad when it creates a response. 

Fully Relational Databases utilizing Hot Buttons & Dynamic Filters

A comprehensive implementation based on TeleMagic usually includes the most popular add-on product for TeleMagic:  Hot Buttons & Dynamic Filters.  This product extends the power of TeleMagic across multiple databases, allowing customized links to be created among them.  In use at many organizations including The White House, this product makes a TeleMagic solution fully relational. 

TeleMagic Family Solution

TeleMagic provides a customized management solution through a family of products specifically designed for the way that works best for your company.  Since no two businesses are alike, this customization helps organizations develop and execute their business model.  TeleMagic’s focus is on customer relationship management, managing all of the information received from customers that will help provide the best possible products and services in the most efficient and effective manner.  It is this power of information that builds strong customer relationships.  And it is strong customer relationships that help to keep the wheels of Business Success in Motion.

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