Add power to your TeleMagic screens!

Define your buttons that launch your programs on any TeleMagic screen!

With Hot Buttons, your programs can display custom screens, read files, form calculations, even change to another screen! Hot Buttons lets you control the size, position, font and text that appears on each button.

Even better, use the powerful built-in functions described below to extend the professionalism and functionality ofyour applications.

The built-in functions are: GOTO, External Lookup, Page, Add, and InLink.

Do you ever wish that the GOTO in TeleMagic was easier and faster to use?

With Hot Buttons it is! The GOTO is launched from an on-screen button that has the index and level already built-in. The button face can be a bitmap, such as the "drill-down" arrow that you see in most Windows applications, or your own text or any graphic. When you press the button, it launches a browse with Incremental Search.

Hot Buttons screenshot

Hot Buttons screenshot

Hot Buttons screenshot

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