How to Set Up an
ODBC Data Source

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Open Data Base Connectivity is the feature which allows many different database products to talk to each other.  It makes for a more open discussion between them.  It allows many database tools and utilities to use the data, such as Crystal Reports, without being confined to a particular product. 

Database files are basically rows and columns of information.  The rows are the records, and the columns are called fields.  Since each database software works with these, it is natural that there must be some way for them to work together.

For example, Microsoft FoxPro has its own format, but through ODBC can read and write in Access format.  ODBC allows programs to communicate, not only between Microsoft products, but between Lotus, Oracle, Maximizer, and other database manufacturers.

The Open Data Base Connectivity Administrator utility is located in the Windows Control Panel, along with other Administrative Tools.  You may find the executable in:


Let's use the example of setting a source for the software. 

Here's what it looks like when all set up for Maximizer software.


Let's set one up from scratch for Microsoft Access

1. Select the ODBC Administrator, to see this screen.

2. Select the Add.. button, then select the Driver you wish, such as Microsoft Access

3. Select the Select button to choose the Database.

4. Point to the file you want to connect to.

5. Enter the Data Source Name and Description, which can be words of your choice.

6. Select OK to see your ODBC Driver in the list. 

Congratulations!  Now it is available to other programs.

Setting up ODBC to FileMaker Pro

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