Data Backup Services

Frequent saving to disk, using your software is the first step. Also, do not reboot your computer while working on a file. Always exit to DOS at the end of the day. You will see the main menu.

Remember that computers are just mechanical devices. It is only a question of when they will eventually ear out. Therefore we are using a system of backing up so that we remember the old saying:

Don't have all your eggs in one basket.

Don't have all your files on one disk.

Use an Off Site Backup Service like ours

Data Backup Center

Comparison Chart
Web versus Tape based backup








Backup windows is growing

FAST - Advanced delta processing technology means you send only your changed data, saving your precious bandwidth and shrinking your backup window

SLOW - Must read and write all data to create a full backup



Takes too long

FAST – Incremental backups are patched for you.  All you have to do is pick the file or files you wish to restore, select a date, and the software does the rest.

SLOW – Admin. must identify media, retrieve internally or from offsite vendor, gain access to a tape device to restore from, then search media for applicable data to start the transfer



Too complicated

DISASTER READY – Begin restoring as soon as you realize there is a disaster.  If need be, a Mobile vault with all your backup data can be shipped to any location in as little as 90 minutes

IT’S A DISASTER – Long lists of media must be created and sent to offsite vendor, where tapes are picked and shipped



Requires too much hardware

PROTECTION –There is no hardware on-site to deal with.

PROBLEM – Tapes could be corrupted, tape drives could stop working. Hardware is expensive.



Takes too long

FAST – On-the-fly, multi-level data integrity checking eliminates re-read

SLOW – Must re-read all data and compare against data written to tape



It’s not complete

TWO-WAY – On-the-fly, multi-level data integrity checking performed during backup and restore

ONE-WAY – Integrity checking done only for data written to tape as second phase of backup process



Is my data ok?

TESTABLE – Tests on backup data can be performed quickly and easily at any time

UNTESTED – Testing validity of tapes is time consuming and costly. Frequently, it’s just not done



Flawed design

VALIDATED – On-the-fly multi-level data integrity checking ensures your backup are valid

INVALID – Since data often changes between the backup and compare process, numerous errors turn up that are often ignored



Not resilient enough

RESUMES – Transport issues with a vault during backups and restores automatically reconnect on user configurable time intervals. the backup resumes

HALTS – Recording issue with tape can often cause backup or restore to be incomplete.  Depending on the problem, the tape may get corrupted.




MULTI-TASKING – Many concurrent jobs can be executing at once

CONTENTION -Must have one tape drive  for every job you wish to run



Tape formats change

FLEXIBLITY –  There is no chance of media obsolesce when using disk to disk backups

OBSOLECENSE – Media formats change to accommodate expanding storage requirements.  Most formats are not backward compatible



Operate Anywhere

WORLDWIDE – Backups can operate over any IP network, preferably a connection that is broadband or greater.

LAN ONLY – Because tape backups write large volumes of data they have to be local, which makes WAN backups resource consuming and complicated to set up



Anybody can read the tapes

STRONG – Incorporates a three-part account, system identification and password scheme for each backup server

NONE – Typically, no authentication required to read a tape except a possibly a label password



Access to the desktop means access to your data

NOT TRUE – You can set passwords that use government standard encryption algorithms just to open the program

TRUE – If you have access to the PC running the backup software, you have access to all corporate data.

How Much Does It Cost

Storage Space Cost per Month Cost per Year
1 Gigabyte $10


2 Gigabytes $19


3 Gigabytes $28


4 Gigabytes $37 $429
5 Gigabytes $46 $535


How to use FTP

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How secure is my data?
    Your data is very secure. C I Corporation uses a variety of encryption and compression techniques to assure that only you have access to your data.
  2. How secure is C I Corporations network operations center?
    The network operations center is limited card key access for employees only. It is supported by UPS, Motor Generator and FM 200 Fire Protection systems.
  3. How is my data stored?
    Data is transmitted from your server/workstation/laptop over an IP connection to our secure facility. Data is stored on state of the art equipment provided by the major hardware vendors of our industry today.
  4. How do I know if my data backed up?
    C I Corporation can provide email notification of the status of your backup. In addition, there is a user accessible log file.
  5. How long have we been in business?
    3 years.
  6. What type of internet connection is required?
    The amount of data that will be transferred will determine the speed of the connection required. We highly recommend broadband connectivity.
  7. What additional equipment do I need?
    None. An agent is applied directly to your existing system which facilities the transfer of data.
  8. Can I back up more than one computer?
    Yes. C I Corporation allows you to backup any number of pcs, servers and laptops. You pay only for the service space that you use.
  9. Are there any additional fees?
    No, we bill only on the total data stored. There are no licensing or installation fees. However, you may require a plug-in to backup specific data base management systems.
  10. Which database management systems require plug-ins?
    a. Oracle
    b. SQL
    c. Exchange
    d. Open File Management
  11. How much does it cost?
    We have a variety of competitive pricing plans available. Call us to learn more at 800-319-3190
  12. How do I get started?
    Its simple. Fill out the online form. Based on your requirements you will either be able to download the software immediately or you will be contacted by one of our systems engineers to help you set up the service within 24 hours.
  13. How are my files transferred?
    Your files are transferred electronically via the internet. Before your files are sent they are compressed and encrypted to ensure that no one but you, not even our staff, has access to your files.
  14. How often is my data backed up?
    It is entirely up to you. You have the ability to schedule regular backups based on your needs and you also have the ability to backup on demand.
  15. What happens if the file is open when the backup runs?
    If a file is opened when a backup is running, it can still be backed up. Word, Excel, and PowerPoint are a few examples of files that can be backed up both in an open or closed state. At times a file maybe exclusively locked by a program and skipped. Those files will be taken care of on the next backup.
  16. What if I lose my encryption key?
    For your security C I Corporation will not have access to your encryption key. We recommend that you make several copies of the encryption key and store at least one in a secure but accessible place off site. For example, with your corporate attorney or accountant.
  17. What happens if I have a transmission or modem connection failure during a backup?
    Evolution will try to reestablish a connection if communication to our server is broken at any time. The software will try to reestablish the connection for a specified time (user configurable) and if a connection can not be made, it will wait until the next scheduled backup and start the process over.
  18. How difficult is it to retrieve my data?
    It couldn't be easier. Simply point and click the file you want to restore. You can restore one file or your entire data set and you can choose among multiple backup versions. If your data set exceeds your broadband capacity C I Corporation will courier your backup files on appropriate media at no additional charge.
  19. Is there a charge for data retrieval?
    No, you have unlimited access to your data.
  20. Do I need any special equipment or software to backup my data?
    You do not need any special equipment to use C I Corporation's system. All the software you need is provided and installed at no additional charge.
  21. My corporate headquarters is located outside the Continental United States. Can I still use C I Corporation?
    Yes, all you need is access to the internet.
  22. What are the Online Backup system requirements?
    C I Corporation's Online Backup Client software can be installed on:

    Windows 95/98/ME
    Windows XP
    Windows NT Workstation 4.0
    Windows NT Server 4.0
    Windows 2000 Professional
    Windows 2000 Server
    Windows 2000 Advanced Server

    NetWare 4.2
    NetWare 5.0
    NetWare 5.1
    NetWare 6.0
    Red Hat Linux 6.2
    Red Hat Linux 7.1

    Solaris 7
    Solaris 8

    IBM AIX 4.3

C I Corporation