Class Forms and Files

Computer Instructors Corporation

Preparation Checklist

Evaluation Forms


Training Evaluation
Consulting Evaluation
Student Evaluation

MS Word:
Training Evaluation
Consulting Evaluation
Student Evaluation

Student Exercise Files

Access 1.0
Access 2.0
NWind - NorthWind demo
NWind - NorthWind Exe

ACT for DOS student files
ACT 1.0 Windows Demo files
ACT 1.1 Demo files
ACT 2.0 Demo files
ACT 3.0 Demo files
ACT 4.0 Demo files
ACT 5.0 Demo files 2000
ACT 6.0 Demo files 2004
ACT Demo files - most recent

Crystal Reports XTreme.MDB
Crystal Reports demo files

dBase Class files
dBase for AT&T Class files

Excel Introduction
Excel Intermediate
Excel Macro Demo - project for AOL

FoxPro Class files
FoxPro Screen files

Goldmine 5.0 files

Harvard Graphics Class files
Harvard Graphics AT&T Class files

IRS Computer Concepts Class files

Lotus 1-2-3
Lotus 1-2-3 R2

Q&A for Windows Class files

QuickBooks Pro for Windows Class files

Word for Windows Class files

WordPerfect for DOS Class files
WordPerfect for DOS AT&T Class files
And more Zipped files...

access.jpg (1135 bytes) act.jpg (1444 bytes) goldmine.jpg (1426 bytes) Maximizer_icon.jpg (1183 bytes) Maximizer_icon.jpg (1183 bytes) NetLedger.jpg (1350 bytes) salesforcearrow.jpg (1052 bytes) saleslogix.jpg (980 bytes) sharkware.gif (1646 bytes)


Microsoft Certified Assessment Practice Examination
CPASMT.ZIP - Uncompress then LnchTst.Exe to Launch Test
A+ Certification Practice Examination
ACert.ZIP - Uncompress then run


BAC.COM - Smart Copy command
GZIP.EXE - Compresses into .GZ file
PKZIP.EXE - Compresses into .ZIP file
PKUNZIP.EXE - UnCompresses into normal file(s)
ZIP2EXE.EXE - Convert ZIP file to a self extracting EXE
PKZIPFIX.EXE - Fixes .ZIP file