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To: Rick

Course Title:


Date of Class:

1 Class Arrange Initial Call

2 Class Arrange Brochure to prospect

3 Class Arrange Call client to schedule a date

4 Class Arrange Instructor qualifications verified

5 Class Arrange We have a contract with instructor

6 Class Arrange Pay Rate confirmed

7 Class Arrange We have Instructor's SSN

8 Class Arrange Check software version

9 Class Arrange Arrange date confirmed

10 Class Arrange Check for date conflicts

11 Class Arrange Instructor schedule Confirmed

12 Class Arrange Class Confirmed by contract with client

13 Class Arrange Order Certificates if necessary

14 Class Arrange Names of students for Certificates

15 Class Arrange Print Certificates

16 Class Before Original booklet found

17 Class Before Course Booklets

18 Class Before Take or email orginal to Kinko's

19 Class Before Pickup copies from Kinko's (or they deliver)

20 Class Before Classroom ready

21 Classroom setup Shelves Clean

22 Classroom setup Enough coffee cups

23 Classroom setup Junk Removed from classroom

24 Classroom setup Donuts and Coffee ready

25 Classroom setup Classroom neat

26 Classroom setup Correct software installed

27 Classroom setup All machines working

28 Classroom setup Keyboards check

29 Classroom setup Mouse check

30 Classroom setup Tables cleaned

31 Classroom setup Give-away pens on desk

32 Classroom setup Business Cards on desk

33 Classroom setup Course booklets on each desk

34 Classroom setup Monitors clean

35 Class Day Empty Settings, TaskBar, Start Menu Programs, Documents Clear

36 Class Day Office Manager arrives first


38 Class Day If instructor is late, page Rick

39 Class Day Greeting the students

40 Class Day Make them feel at home

41 Class During Manager provides support During Class

42 Class During Printing certificates for any additional students

43 Class During Helping instructor

44 Class During Attend to any student needs

46 Class During Take emergency phone messages for students

45 Class Finish End of Class

47 Class Finish Evaluations - Given out by Instructor

48 Class Finish Certificates to students

49 Accounting Job Order received

50 Accounting Check received or Credit Card processed

51 Accounting  Invoicing Invoice

52 Accounting Deposited in Bank

53 Accounting Entered by Bookkeeper

54 Marketing Follow-up Call - how are the students doing?

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