CIA - Contact Information Assistant

 INS Navigator Systems

Easily manage all your contacts with CIA

Powerful, user friendly and customizable personal & business contact manager! 

Easily create emails, letters/labels, reports all within seconds, even send group emails. 

User friendly interface with no learning curve.

Integrates with Microsoft Word.

Multi-user networked installation available.

CIA is more than just an address book, itís a complete
Business & Personal Information Manager (PIM).

  • Easily manage all your friends, relatives and business contacts with CIA
  • Store names, addresses, telephone, fax, pager & cellular information
  • Create letters, labels or documents in seconds
  • Group contacts by type: friend, relative, customer, community group
  • Store email addresses and one-click to open your default email program
  • Includes a note section for storing comments about each contact
  • Customized fields allow you to tailor the information you store for each contact
  • Use customer codes or I.D. numbers to track clients
  • Quick search using any piece of information about a contact
  • Report feature included, print all details about a contact or group of contacts
  • Group contacts and send an E-mail to only those contacts in the group
  • Export contacts for use with other applications
  • Create mail merge data source for use with your word processor
  • Includes easy to understand graphical help screens
  • Bonus features for users of Microsoft Word (version 7.0 and newer)
  • Many other features...

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Note: This software, created in Canada,
is not affiliated with the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency