How To Customize Screens

Get in to Microsoft Outlook

Select the Contacts tab

Select Tools

Select Contact form

Design the form
You can use the Field Chooser

You can customize the form as you wish.

Design the form using blank entries in all the fields, except for default values you may wish to have.

    Save As...
        Enter a unique name, such as "MySpecial.Oft"

This will be in a folder such as "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Templates\Outlook"

Also, perhaps more importantly, Publish the form, so it can be visible within this PST file.
        Publish Form

Save it with a name, such as the same one in Outlook Folders

Save and Close the form

Select your form from the list: "When posting to this folder, use:"

This takes care of any New contacts you create.

Popups use semicolons or cmmas

Now, to change the default form for the other existing records.

Visual Basic Technique

How To Change Form for an Existing Record

Outlook Screen Customization and Design

More Information on Outlook from Microsoft  - keyboard shortcuts for basic navigation

TIP:  Outlook Contacts keyboard shortcut for Next Record = Ctrl+Shift+. (period)     Previous Record = Ctl+Shift+, (comma)

OL2000: How to Update Existing Items to Use a New Custom Form

OL2000: Word Document to Change Message Class of Outlook Items

 DownloadDownload Omsgclas.exe now to allow changes to the default form for existing items.  (Contact us if Microsoft does not offer this.)