Information on obtaining your own Web Page

In order for us to design your Web Page, we will need the following items:

  1. A "flow chart" or sketch of
    what you what you want your Web Page to look like.
  2. Your photos to be scanned, VCR, or 35mm file negatives
    or graphic files in .GIF, .PCX, .BMP, .MAC or .TIF format.
  3. Your text files (.TXT) or printed promotional material
    to be scanned by Optical Character Reader.
  4. A payment of $60 for SubDomain Plan ($5/month)
    or $120 for Domain Plan ($20/month)

Price Plan Graph

Each additional Email address: $5/month
Domain Plan includes your organization's name followed by a three letter extension

The extensions are as follows:
.COM = Commercial company (ex.
.ORG = Nonprofit, philanthropic organization (ex.
.EDU = Educational institution (ex.
.GOV = Government agency (ex.
.MIL = Military branch (ex.

3 Ema il addresses x $1 =$1/month

SubDomain Plan Email address include ""

Your payment includes the following:

Up to 6 pages of HTM Language code
to display your text and graphics Up to 1 hour of editing Advertising on the World Wide Web
Your own website address
Where ???????? stands for your company name or abbreviation

SubDomain Plan:
Example for ABC Company: http//

Domain Plan:

Example for ABC Company: http//

We will research a unique domain name for you and register it and reserve it with the non-profit Internet Society which until recently was funded by the National Science Foundation) which charges an annual fee of $50. The first two years are due at the start ($100).

The reason for the fee is that expenses for maintaining the Internet registry are borne by those using it, not the taxpayers. Also the fee discourages people from buying up names with the sole intent to resell them to those who "should" have them. For example, there is a story of someone who bought the name and tried to sell it for a profit to McDonald's Foods Corporation for a high price. This guarantees that no one else will try to use your Internet address.

Your web page will be linked from:
CIC Internet Advertiser's Home Page
Application will be sent to Internet Yellow Pages
Yahoo - Internet
and other advertising points
under all appropriate categories A link to your email address

Further additions and editing changes (beyond the 2 hours included) may be made at any time at the rate of $30 per hour. Just send or fax the changes to us and we will give you an estimate.

To start advertising on the WWW, send the above "package" of 4 items to:

Crystal Plaza One, Suite 211
P.O. Box 2816
Arlington, VA 22202
202-829-4444 DC
301-982-0556 MD
703-486-2222 VA
877-727-9070 (Fax)
800-319-3190 USA

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