Questions & Answers from Customers

Professor Goldmine

Q. How can I get rid of the old Notes and Details from my database?

A. We are developing a Goldmine AddOn Utility for that

Q. How can I get rid of the old History and info from my database?

A. Here are the steps to use the Delete Wizard

Q. How can I remove duplicate records from my Goldmine database?

A. Here are the steps for the Merge/Purge Wizard

Q: How can I work with my most recently entered contacts?

A: See: How to work with Recent Contacts

Q. >I want to send a message to several groups of people. One group is people who are potential investors, i.e., GoldMine field "Contact type" is "Investor." How do I create a group of "Investors" using a filter for "Contact Type?"

A. See: Mail Merge

Q. Once I've created the group, how do I send an email to all of them? I want to do it so that all the names are not listed in each email, i.e., each person sees only his own name and not a list of many people.

A. See: Mail Merge-Email

Q. When I look up a contact it is not there, but I know it is.  How can I see it.

A. The indexes may be corrupt, which control the sorting and speedy searching of your database..  You can run the File Maintenance and rebuild the indexes with the Wizard.

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