Brute Force Attack Timer

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This little timer calculates how long it would take to brute force an encrypted text to find out what it says, by going through every possible character combination in a key. It will go through a key length of 20 characters and a possible 80 different characters.

It is cyclying through every possible combination of letters, even though you may not see it on the display. The display only updates every second to prevent the browser from running out of memory. Also I have it running as fast as it can without the browser crashing.

If this code was programmed into some other language instead of Javascript it could probably run faster. However, I think this timer gives a pretty good estimate of how long it would take because a full brute force attack program would also have to apply the key to the encrypted text which would take time and the program would have to check the text against a dictionary to see if it found the correct key. Considering all that, I don't think a real brute force attack would be faster then the times here.

My computer is a Pentium 4 running at 2.6Ghz with 512MB RAM. On my computer the timer estimated that to brute force a key that is a length of 1 character would take 0 seconds, 3 characters would take 36 seconds, 4 characters would take 3600 seconds(1 hour).

According to my calculations, to crack a key that is 5 characters in length the program would have to go through that 1 hour of time 80 different times, for the 80 different characters. So it would take about 80 hours to crack a 5 character key. If I am incorrect in these calculations please let me know. Here is my estimates of time for my computer to crack keys of different lengths:

Key LengthEst. Time
1 X 80 Characters0 Seconds
2 X 80 Characters0 Seconds
3 X 80 Characters36 Seconds
4 X 80 Characters3600 Seconds (1 hour)
5 X 80 Characters80 Hours (3.33 days)
6 X 80 Characters6400 Hours (266 days)
7 X 80 Characters21280 Days (58 years)
8 X 80 Characters4,640 Years
9 X 80 Characters371,200 Years

Go back to: Encrypter & Decrypter has some interesting information about the time it takes for Brute Force Cracking. also has a very interesting write-up about the time for a Brute Force cracking on different types of encryption.

The chart on this page kind of goes along with my calculations:

Bug Fixes and Changes

(6/18/06) Netscape Fix

Brute Force Timer now works with Netscape 7.1. It has not been tested with Netscape versions below 7.1. Please let me know if you have tested it.