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1. Enter your password key
    Case Sensitive

2. Enter your message to the left

3. Select Encrypt (or Decrypt)

4. Copy and paste into your email on your computer, or text on your mobile phone.


Optional: You can paste this instructional message to the top of your text:



CryptInfo.Org is an easy-to-use text encrypter and decrypter for sending free private  messages to your friends and associates.

The "key" is like a password. It can be any combination of letters, numbers, symbols and words that you and your friend have agreed upon.  No one should be able to decipher the message without the key you used to encode the message. The key can be up to 50 characters long.  

To encrypt a plain text message, type or paste your message into the text area below and press the "Encrypt" button. Make sure you have typed in the key to encrypt the message with first. You can then copy the encrypted message into an email, chat, posting, text, or word processing document to send to your friend.

To decrypt or decipher a coded text message, enter the key that you and your friend agreed upon, then paste the encoded message into the text area below and press the "Decrypt" button.

Example: "This is a secret message." becomes "%-;KU.DD3WI*477LU268E9=*^" with the password "mantra"

Tips: Short messages work better with Gmail, Hotmail, and Yahoo. 
For longer messages, attach a TXT file to your email message.
Remove extra "carriage return" symbols at the top, because line endings are also encrypted characters.

Here is a list of the allowed characters:

We respect your privacy, which is the whole purpose of this web page.  No information is stored by this web page.  The plain text that you type only resides on your computer.  This web server only provides the JavaScript code, and never sees your message, much less stores it.  The JS programming code runs locally to encrypt and decrypt it.  So, no text is transmitted back or forth through the internet during the process.  You send only the encrypted message through the internet.  Likewise, the message is decrypted by your friend's computer.

For more information, please see the Terms of Use

 Encryption is the Key to Freedom when the Constitution is in jeopardy