TimeLine is an award-winning project management tool by Symantec Corporation. It features unmatched speed and flexibility in creating outlines, histograms and Gantt charts for effective management of resources using microcomputers. More than 70% of this course is hands-on use of TimeLine.

Learning Objectives: After completing this course, a participant will be able to:

1. #9; Prepare a project outline structure

2. #9; Display allocation of resources using histograms

3. #9; Customize a Gantt chart

4. #9; Create PERT charts for a project

5. #9; Use the Project Journal feature for notes

6. #9; Generate project status reports

7. #9; Gantt, Cross Tab, Resource, Network, Task Table

8. #9; Use TimeLine Graphics to produce presentation quality:

9. #9; Time-scaled PERT charts

10. #9; Actual vs. Plan Gantt, baseline tracking and others

11 . Earned Value Analysis reports (WBS and OBS numbers)



1. Timing and Dependencies (Slack time and Critical Path

2. Managing Resources and costs

Managing Resources Workloads

Reporting on resources and costs

3. Tracking Progress

Updating the Schedule

Rescheduling tasks that have slipped

4. Managing Multiple Projects

Using a multi-project outline structure

Consolidating Schedules

Combining Schedules

5. Using Timeline Pre-configured library files

6. Project analysis (Actual-forecast)

Cost Analysis

Time Analysis

Presentation of data in report form

7. Tracking costs throughout the project

8. Filtering tasks-defining multiple criteria

9. Selecting portion of schedule to be printed

10 Others