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GoldMine to ACT!  - The Golden Path to ACT!   More complete and cost effective than ICC's References

Maximizer_icon.jpg (1183 bytes)Maximizer to ACT!   - The Maximum Migration to ACT! References

nosoftware_49x49.gif (1225 bytes) to ACT! - Own your data from the Web in ACT! References

Sharks.jpg (1250 bytes) SharkWare to ACT! -   Swim out of the Jaws into ACT!  References

outlook.jpg (1020 bytes) Outlook to ACT! - Software from

LotusNotes.jpg (1146 bytes)Lotus Notes to ACT!

groupwise.jpg (1393 bytes)Groupwise by Novell to ACT!

filemaker.jpg (951 bytes)FileMaker - Windows or Mac to ACT!

wpe1.gif (2200 bytes) TeleMagic to ACT!

access.jpg (1135 bytes)  Access to ACT!

Atlantic Elevator

Best Software, Inc.

Burrups Packard, Inc.

Civil Engineering Research Foundation

Comane Ltd.

Communications International

Engage, Lonnberg

Fresh Products
Thanks again for helping us out with our GoldMine to Act! conversion.
Act! seems to be working out well for us and things are going smoothly in this area.

Bob Emery, MIS Manager, Fresh Products, Inc.

Human Brain Research Laboratory

Henry L. Stimson Foundation

Matrix Technologies, Inc.

Monterrey Institute

National Journal

Net Capital


Truth-Justice Foundation

From: "Michael Salles" <>
To:  "Rick Shaddock" <>
Date:  Thu, 21 Mar 2002 11:03:35 -0800
Subject: Goldmine to Act conversion

Hi Rick,

You exceeded my expectations with your conversion of our Goldmine data to ACT! I was nervous as to how much of the history and notes from Goldmine would actually make it to ACT notes. I don't think you missed a single item.

In fact, I think you did a perfect job! The icing on the cake was the quick turn around and the very reasonable price! I can't thank you enough.

Michael J. Salles
Integrated Advantage, Inc.
(559)256-2112 Direct Office

That worked like a charm!
Everything looks real good.
Thank you for your hard work getting this completed.
Tracy Lewis | IT specialist

Names and contact information available upon request
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