Check Up Tips - optimization for your computer

Chief Engineer Scotty says: "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of scotch."

Top 10
Engineering and Security
for your
Enterprise Computers

David Spockus, C I Corporation
Chief Engineer and Science Officer

1. Windows Update
2. ScanDisk
3. Defragmentation
4. Anti Virus Scan and Update - AVG
5. SpyWare Scan and Update - Outpost
6. RegistryFix
7. MBSA - Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer & Secunia
8. Remove Hacker Folders
9. Check FTP for Anonymous
10. Computer Management

Check Off Items for Checkov
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1. Windows Update - Keeping up the latest technology

2. ScanDisk - Scanning all decks for structural integrity

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3. Defragmentation - Energizing after transporter


Click My Computer
Right click on C:
Select Tools


5. AntiVirus Scan and Update - Shields up!

Norton Anti Virus - workstations

AVG Anti Virus Grisoft - Server

5. Spyware Scan and Update - intruder alert

Agnitum Outpost FireWall

6. Registry Fix - Computer working


We recommend this program from

We have it Setup/Utilities

Go to Advanced Options and do:
Registry Backup
Clean up any unwanted Browser Helper Objects


7. MBSA - Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer - Inspection


8. Remove "undeletable" hacker folders - Fire phasers on cloaked intruders


9. Check FTP Security for Anonymous

Sometimes hackers get in and change the settings to Anonymous, or make new Users

Computer Management
Internet Information Services

See settings


10. Computer Management - security settings on the bridge

Computer Management
Check for unauthorized Users

Check Even Log

Firewall Setup


C I Corporation





Goto DOS and run the command

This should revert all the Windows files to their original versions.

all of the running processes are known processes, and some of them can't be stopped


Old Procedures

 iMail Spool Files on eMail Server  - open communications channel

Remove previous month's log files from Email from FS14
C:\iMail\Spool  then ReBoot the eMail server or stop then start Services

Search for MAIN.MBX in C:\iMail folder, then sort by file size, to see if there are any huge mail box files slowing down the system  
search for ZPAM*.MBX in C:\iMail folder, then sort by file size, to see if there are any huge mail box files slowing down the system