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BitCoin Vending Machine
Converting cash to BitCoin and BitCoin to Cash

BitCoin machines at coffee shops.  It doesn't get more liquid than this.
Liquidity was a valid concern before this.
Banking with no more fees.

I applied for some machines from to put around DC.

Edison's Revenge on the Dollar

I like computers, the internet, and money.  So digital currency is fun. I never got along all that well with paper Dollars.

2013-11-28  A Thanksgiving shout out to my friend Diana "Dehackna" who encouraged so many of her Facebook friends to buy Bitcoins.

I have tried and it is too slow and complicated, requiring a drivers license, etc.
It is based in Japan. 
CoinBase is American based, for whatever that is worth, in San Francisco, California
I feel better about it, even though it may be monitored by the NSA.
At lease we can contact their technical in English.

Here is good web site of charts to see how BitCoins are doing:

It took experiencing and getting my feet wet for me to "get it" about BitCoins.
That's why I suggest buying at least a nominal amount at first, such as $100 worth.

My father said "Bit what?" when I suggested he put a small amount, such as $1000into his retirement plan.
By next year, everyone will know what a BitCoin is.

November 2013 has been an amazing month for BitCoin.
I cannot think of anything else that went up so fast,
nor any reason it would not reach $5000. If you can, please let me know.

I am accepting BitCoins for data conversions and rent from my tenants,
and am trying "BitCoin mining" with my computer network.

I dedicated my C10, a triple core computer, which normally was used for
brute force cracking of databases from customers who lost passwords.

I joined an online pool of miners, and hopefully we will make some Bitcoins.
It seems to be a matter of finding the 21 million strings of 34 digits and
characters from trillions of possibilities.

Once all 21 million Bitcoin numbers are found, the mining will cease,
and it will become commodity that can no longer be created.
About 12 million have been found now. So I expect the BTC value
to rise greatly after almost all the 21 million have been found.

People have become multimillionaires within a few years in BitCoins.
This article caught my attention in April when they were "just" $258.

That's the bottom line, getting rich, not necessarily in dollars.
We eventually get what we desire, especially during deep meditation.
If our goal is to have "$1 million dollars" what if the dollar becomes worthless?
We should think in terms of the purchasing power we want, regardless of currency.

BitCoins are revolutionizing the economy and the way we purchase things.
It helps us realize what money is, in the first place, a way to put a number
on the value of goods and services that we provide to, and receive from, others.

When you buy something with your AmEx, about 3% goes to American Express.
When you buy something with BitCoin, there is no finance fee.
There is great potential when the internet helps cut out another middle man.

I wanted to give my lady a gold eagle for her birthday, and realize what a pain it is to do so.
I would have to ask (and trust) someone to go to the bank, or fly there.
My assistant would have to open my safety deposit box, not take the other coins, and send one to me FedEx.
It would cost me $20 if my assistant did it for me, plus $20 for insured shipping,
thus losing $40. But with a BitCoin, I simply send my wife $1250 with my smart phone.

I thought the Government or Federal Reserve might crack down on BitCoins,
but they did the opposite, by praising them, and not ruling to regulate at this time.

The Government wants to get rid of the $17 trillion in debt, and if the dollar is devalued,
then it is easier to do that. So other things measured in dollars, such as stocks,
will appear to go up, even if their true value in buying power is going down.

What can the US Govt do when Bitcoins are popular in China, Russia, and other countries?
With the internet, Americans would simply make their transactions overseas.

We definitely have inflation. Look at the airline prices.
I used to be able to go to Chicago for under $100. Now it is hard to find flights under $200.
I used to be able to buy a week of food for $50, and now the Rick Basket it is $100.

If you click this link, I get $5 of BitCoins. It won't cost you anything more than going to BitCoin directly

Rick Shaddock

CNBC on BitCoin merchants: from plastic surgery to haircuts

Reuters: Bitcoin price zooms through $1000 as enthusiasm grows

Norwegian Man Forgets about $26 Bitcoin Investment, Makes $850,000

Here are some practice pages for how to get paid via BitCoins.

I used to think it would take a lot of hard work to become a millionaire.
All it could take is awareness, $50 and a few clicks of the mouse at the right time.

If you bought 1000 BitCoins for 5 cents each in 2010 for just $50, you would now be a millionaire

Price per BitCoin Date Price for 1000 BTC DaysBetween DaysSince7/17/2010 Daily income
$0.05 07/17/10 $50.00      
$0.10 10/09/10 $100.00 84 84 $0.60
$1.00 02/12/11 $1,000.00 126 210 $4.29
$10.00 08/02/12 $10,000.00 537 747 $12.05
$100.00 04/01/13 $100,000.00 242 989 $91.00
$1,000.00 11/27/13 $1,000,000.00 240 1229 $732

Projection at this rate:

$10,000.00 07/25/14 $10,000,000.00 240 1469 $6,126
$100,000.00 03/22/15 $100,000,000.00 240 1709 $52,662.38