ACT! Version 7.0 for 2005

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What is ACT! 2005 and ACT! 2005 Premium for Workgroups?
Improvement, growth, efficiency, organization, production…if this is what you are used to with ACT!, get ready to go to the next level with ACT! 2005. With a brand new SQL backend, ACT! 2005 can handle more users and many more contacts, while working at a lightening fast speed!

New Features
A few of the new ACT! 2005 features include:
Please click link to see more details.

  • Much improved synchronization
  • One click export to Excel
  • Invoicing
  • Improved activities/calendar capabilities.
  • Company Records

Which one is for my company?
ACT! 2005 is for the smaller environment as compared to ACT! 2005 Premium for Workgroups is for the larger environment with multiple users working as a team or sharing the database. Please click the link above more information between the two products.

Top Ten Reasons to upgrade to ACT! 200
5 (Power Point)
Click the link to view a Power Point presentation detailing the Top Ten Reasons to upgrade with screenshots!


A New Look

New Features


ACT! 2005 Premium
New Box

New Calendar

New Data Structure

A new Company tables has been added - to better organize your Contacts by Account

We have techniques to work with ALL the tables in ACT!, not just the Basic 7 that ACT! allows you to.

  • Company

  • Contact

  • Group

  • History

  • Sales

  • MyRecord

  • Notes

  • and ALL the 157 Tables and 87 Views


New ACT! Table structure


New Data Format

All you need are 3 files:
ADF - ACT! Data File
ALF - ACT! Log File
PAD - Pointer to ACT! Database

Microsoft SQL Server

We can extract all the tables for you in to Access or DBF format


All the Tables


The new data format protects your company's data.  Unauthorized persons cannot do any of the following to your database file:

  • Copy
  • Download
  • Move
  • Delete
  • Rename
  • Upload
  • Zip


Use the ACT7Diag.Exe utility

to Detach and free up your database
for copying, deleting, moving, renaming, or zipping

Convert ACT! 3.0 - 6.0 Items

ACT! provides a pretty good wizard for these types of components.  So you can probably convert these yourself.  If you need help just give us a call.


New hardware requirements

Other versions of ACT!