Simple Single User Setup for ACT! act.jpg (1444 bytes)

for a Single Work Station

if you have a network

The basic idea of the Simple Setup System is to use C:\ACTFiles for all ACT! files, instead of splitting them in to two places: Program Files and My Documents
(which may change with staff changes.)   Plus some Sysops make Program Files read only which prevents editing Layouts, Reports, and Templates.  So we simply put all the ACT files in the C:\ACTFiles folder.
Then we make C:\ACTFiles shareable under the name "ACTShare" (named differently to avoid confusion of folder and share names) then map M: to ACTShare.  Even the host machine can map M: to its own ACTShare (C:\ACTFiles) so everyone is set up the same way.  The shortcut to ACT! would thus be M:\ACT\ACT.EXE

Download Software
 ACT! Software Installation
 ACT! Database, Layout, Report, Template, Macro
 Starting up ACT!

Computer 1Only - White = Consul Officer or "Main" computer


Setup and Folder (if any)




Make a New Folder to Store the ACT! Installation Software

to store the software only on the Computer #1 for storing the ACT! installation software


This will save the time in downloading the setup exe's in case you need to set up a new workstation.    The license codes are what you actually purchase from ACT!

Download Software




Download the Software in to ACTSetup

On Computer #1 only, download the ACT! installation software from:

Each ZIP file contains the EXE


3ACT!   (optional, if needed to fix)

Right Click and Download

Save  to

to C:\ACTFiles\ACTSetUp

Right Click to Download

When done it looks like this

ACT! Software Installation6.03 Update and Word 2003 Patch

3 Copy with Ctrl+C the appropriate
ACT! Installation Code, something like
for the location you are at.
Then (click Back to return here)
You will need this later at the installation dialog in the next step, so you can Paste it

See the Serial Number in on the white CD envelope that comes with ACT!


Install ACT! from Web or #1

act.jpg (1444 bytes)
from the web
or from Computer #1 (through local LAN)

into C:\ActFiles\ACT

* Do Not install in "C:\Program Files"
C:\ActFiles\ACT  instead of the default.

* Do not use any mapped drive, such as M: for installing any software.

Later on, you can check the Serial Number with the Help, About ACT! dialog

This installs the basic ACT! software as

You will be prompted for your Software License Number

to install from the Web

Follow the prompts of the wizard, and enter the Installation code

Click Next on most of the dialogs

At the User Information Screen enter



Serial No:
You can purchase a license from

The Serial No's are for Simultaneous Use.  So make sure the #1 and #2 computers use different Serial No's. Plus each #1 must be different than the main computer's code:

No computers should use either of the above codes, otherwise synchronization may not work.  ACT! checks for the uniqueness of the code because it is included in the header of the synchronization packet sent by email during synchronization.



Installation Destination

Select Windows Availability:
All Users
The current user account

Program Folder

When it asks to Choose Destination Location click on Browse then enter

Answer Yes to create the folder.

Country Version: United States

We need to have it available for All Users who may log in to this machine.

The Program Item Folder is ACT! 6



NOTE: Do not use the M: drive as that is only a Mapped drive, and not a true and absolute destination.  Use the C:\ACTFiles\ACT which is a true folder.


Icon Placement

Choose where to place icons for ACT! and SideACT!

Add ACT! and SideACT! icons to the desktop

Add ACT! icon to your Quick Launch toolbar

Start SideACT! when Windows starts (NO)

Wait while it installs



ACT! Installation Wizard

Print the registration form

You can get a list from Status Chart
First Name:
Last Name:
Job Title:
Zip Code:
E-mail:  NEXT

Bypass the Survey
I prefer not to have my information provided to other companies

Print the form to any available printer.  If necessary, you can install the Generic TXT printer.

You do not need to register through the Internet, as this may create confusion.


QuickStart Wizard

wpeF.jpg (1176 bytes)
The Startup Wizard may prompt you for a word processor. Select Word 2000/2002/2003

Word processor

Now to set up defaults.  We will use Microsoft Word instead of ACT!'s word processor.

Set the default Word Processor to Word, not ACT's own internal word processor which is not very good.

9 wpeF.jpg (1122 bytes)
The Startup Wizard may prompt you for which email program, choose Internet Mail

We will use ACT!'s own internal Email client, so we do not interfere with their Outlook settings or email.

Use Internet Mail (ACT!'s) instead of Outlook to prevent interfering with their personal email settings. 

In rare situations we may have to use Outlook.  But we will try ACT!'s first.  Click on New Account:

For the Embasssy Project, on Computer #1, use the City@HondurasEmbassy.US

For the Investment Promotion on Computer #2, computer, use the City@HondurasEmb.COM

Using Atlanta, Georgia as an example:

Default account (Username): Atlanta
Outgoing SMTP server: mail.HondurasEmbassy.US
Incoming POP server: mail.HondurasEmbassy.US
Real Name: Atlanta Consulate
Organization: Honduras Embassy
My e-mail address: Atlanta@HondurasEmbassy.US

Remember my password




Set up database now
Skip database setup

We already have databases set up for them, so we can Skip the database setup.


Finished Basic ACT! Installation

You can skip the Read Me file

View Readme File


You do NOT have to Restart Windows

Yes, I want to restart my computer now

No, I will restart my computer later


You may have difficulty in exiting ACT!

This may be because the Registration Dialog is behind the other windows and it may be difficult to get the mouse and cursor to it.

Try the Alt+Tab to get to it.

You may have to Ctrl+Alt+Del out of it.

The patch for version 6.03 is supposed to fix this problem.

Install ACT! Update
from the Web or #1

This installs the latest ACT! upgrade

to install from the Web



First you must close ACT!

Then click on
addon.jpg (1305 bytes)
from the web
or from Computer #1 (through local LAN) M:\ACTSetup\2ACT!603Update.exe 

Restart computer
I will restart my computer later

You do NOT really have to restart or reboot the computer

This fixes the "ACT Hang" where on some machines you have to Ctrl+Alt+Del to exit ACT!

It also updates the FINIS.EXE file which helps ACT! exit normally and fixes a bug in version 6.0


Word 2003 Patch  (optional)
from the Web or #1

Check to see what version of Word they have and record it on the Status page.

Skip this step if using Word 2000 or 2002
(This patch may corrupt non-2003 Word)

wpeF.jpg (1176 bytes)

to install from the Web

The Microsoft Word 2003 patch may be necessary. Open Word, then check Help, About to see if it says 2003.


Combining the 2 ACT! Folders in to 1

Look inMy Documents

Move and Integrate

Cut and Paste to
M:\ACT also known as C:\ACTFiles\ACT

You can click on

ACT! defaults to the "My Documents" folder, the actual folder for which varies by users.  We need something consistent that we can count on.  
You can Cut the entire folder called "ACT"
then Paste in to C:\ACTFiles where there is another folder called "ACT"

Answer Yes to Overwrite, so all ACT! folders are in the same place:
There will not more "My Documents\ACT"
This makes 1 folder named "ACT", not 2.

My Documents\ACT
ACTFiles which is known as ACTShare when shared

This is very important for the Database installation step coming up soon.

It also simplifies the situation, so we have only one folder called ACT!

Note: You will have to do this upon Installation and Re-Installations of ACT!


Check the ACT folder structure for consistency

instead of spread out in to 2 redundant folders.

Now all the folders are in one place

Starting up ACT!

19 Starting up ACT!

Start from the Windows Desktop
Let's clean it up a bit

With Windows XP you may need to minimize all windows



Put SideACT! icon in Recycle Bin
to the
We don't need this icon. It will only create confusion. SideACT is a small, relatively worthless add-on to ACT!
21 Put the ACT! icon where it can be seen.
act.jpg (1444 bytes)
Start Up ACT!

Now we will start the program, which should be now in M:\ACT\ACT.EXE




File Open

File Open to look for the Consulate DBF

At the main screen of ACT! you may find yourself in the Demo database

ACT! provides a start up demo with the name Chris Huffman - the "Joe Customer" of ACT!


Login as ACT Admin
and Each Individual  (test)

With no password

In case someone put a password on ACT Admin, you can use Duane Anderson's PassGET add-on.

24 Now we see the default Screen
This is the default screen appearance of ACT!

We have customized additional Screen formats, which we will now prepare to use.

Note that the Contact Layout button only contains
Contact Layout
Where are the Spanish ones?  We will see..


View Bar remove

Most of the screens we will use will need all the room we can get.  So the View Bar on the left side of the screen will have to go.

After you squeeze it to the left, a prompt will ask if it is ok to go to the Small View Bar.  Yes

26 For Your Information Click on

Note that the Default Folder for Database and other types of files is still "My Documents" 

We ant to change these automatically to the M:\ACT\Database, M:\ACT\Document, etc.

We also do not want envelope printing, for example.

When printing letters, prompt for printing an envelope

For now, just select 

Will we have to do this manually?!   No, that would be too tedious. Rick had created Visual Basic Scripts to automate the process in to one click. 

Let's go on for the fine tuning Customizations!


Turn off all Reminders

Set Reminders...


Hardly anyone follows them, and it just builds a bad habit of pressing Cancel to the prompt.

For each, you can set it to
Don't remind me again


Database maintenance

Roll over activities to today's calendar

Run group membership rules


Update Outlook and ACT! calendars

Note: the marks will not stay permanently
and are there for your convenience in setting up.

For Technical Support or Questions, call 202-829-4444

C I Corporation