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The Few.  The Proud.

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ACT! for the HP Palmtop Training

C I Corporation Trained US Marines on ACT! 1.0
 and other HP Palmtop software
during Operation Desert Storm
at HQ USMC in Arlington VA

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Call the "ACT! Marine Corps"

  • Special Forces for Synchronization

  • Delta Force for Database Fixes

  • Rangers of Reindexing

  • Seasoned Road Warriors

  • Elite Trouble Shooting Force

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Ready for deployment anywhere in the world on short notice, and solve the toughest problems with ACT!

No location is too treacherous.


Currently recruiting (well we said "the few")

ACT! Consultant & Email Area & Web Site Notes Phone & Fax
Frederick Shaddock Washington DC

USMC Honorable Discharge

Trained US Marines on ACT! 1.0 and other HP Palmtop software during Operation Desert Storm at HQMC in Arlington VA 202-829-4444
David Lee
Gabriel Anwar
Nick Baranov

When the going gets tough, call out the Marines!


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"All right Soldier! Clean up your ACT!"

Inspired by
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The United States Marines

ACT! is a trademark of Interact Commerce Corporation

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From the halls of Arizona
To the chores of synchony
We will solve our client's problems
On the web, palm, and PC
First to fight for right and freedom
And to keep your data clean
We are proud to earn the title
Of ACT! Certified Marine


CMC Guidance - 10 Principles for Marine Leaders


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"There is no fate but that which we make for ourselves."