Using InitCAPS to
Clean Up ACT! Data

InitCAPS, a program made with FoxPro, can put your data into initial caps.

Get in to FoxPro

Let's start with the Company field

But first we want to check the company names that are supposed to be in caps, such as IBM.

wpe1.jpg (157285 bytes)

use governor
brow last
set filter to Company = upper(Company) and len(trim(Company)) <= 5 and not empty(Company)

We will leave these the way they are, perhaps making a few manual edits.

Next we will focus on Company names longer than 5 characters that are in all caps.

wpe2.jpg (174271 bytes)

replace all company with Initcaps(Company)

wpe4.jpg (173425 bytes)

Done!  Now move on to the next fields.

set filter to Name =upper(Name) and len(trim(Name)) > 1
replace all Name with initcaps(Name)

set filter to addr1 =upper(addr1) and len(trim(addr1)) > 3
replace all Addr1 with initcaps(Addr1)

set filter to addr2 =upper(addr2) and len(trim(addr2)) > 3
replace all Addr2 with initcaps(Addr2)

set filter to addr3 =upper(addr3) and len(trim(addr3)) > 3
replace all Addr3 with initcaps(Addr3)

set filter to city =upper(city) and len(trim(city)) > 3
replace all City with initcaps(City)

set filter to Salutation =upper(Salutation ) and len(trim(Salutation )) > 1
replace all Salutation with initcaps(Salutation )

set filter to Title =upper(Title) and len(trim(Title)) > 1
replace all Title with initcaps(Title)
set filter to title ='Vp'
replace all title with 'VP' +substr(Title, 3)

set filter to Department =upper(Department) and len(trim(Department)) > 1
replace all Department with initcaps(Department)

Then you can Quit from FoxPro

Be sure to Reindex after this process in ACT!