Electronic Health Records

Installing Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems for doctors
including hardware, software, consulting, and training.
Converting paper patient medical records to Electronic Medical Records (EMR)

Advantages of Paperless Medical Offices

Paper Based Records

Take a lot of office space
Can only be seen by one office
Patient is safest in one area
Search must be done manually
Anyone can pick up a file
Documents in written English
No backup in case of fire

Electronic Medical Records

Save space, stored on disk
Can be seen by multiple doctors
Patient is safe traveling anywhere
Ease of searching quickly
Password protection
Documents stored encrypted
Backups are easy to make

Experienced Installers for EHR / EMR software and CompTIA A+ Certified computer technicians

eClinicalWorks.com Corporate Headquarters, Westborough, Massachusetts

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Data Conversion and Migration to eClinicalWorks from a variety of software

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Videos about eClinicalWorks from YouTube

eClinicalWorks and Dragon Medical 10
eClinicalWorks and Dragon Medical

Maui Internist Dr. David Seriguchi: Using an EMR - Week 1
Dr. David Seriguchi wanted to be ahead of the curve and totally prepared when EHR systems become federally mandated, so he implemented eClinicalWorks in late December 2006.

eClinicalWorks eBO
eClinicalWorks eBO
Enterprise Business Optimizer

Creating Inkable Forms in eClinicalWorks
Creating Inkable Forms in eCW

Quick Demo of Cognos with eCW
Cognos with eCW

Payment Posting
Post Payments

Creating Month End Reports
Creating Month End Reports

Economic Stimulus Package
modernizes medical records
by 2015

Maui Family Doctor Achieves High Efficiencies With EMR
Family Doctor in Maui

usf health; electronic medical records
Electronic Health Records

Naomi Akita MD

Med history in 3 clicks
Medical history in 3 clicks

Satisfied Customers of eClinicalWorks

Dr. Kiumarce Kashi, MD FACP CCD


6 new pentiums
1 table laptop
Flat Screen Monitors
HP Printer/Fax/Scanner
Microphone for Speech to Typing
from Computer Technology Inc.




Software Sales
Computer Instructors


Renee Colianni CCMA, CDT
Diagnostic Services Manager and Clinical Coordinator

10 Major Functions of an EHR / EMR System


Videos about EMR and EHR


EMR/EHR Done Right
EMR/EHR Example

EMR, EHR Medical Record, Paperless Offices
EMR, EHR Medical Record
Paperless Offices

ABC News Electronic Health Record
ABC News Electronic Health Record

Benefits of the Electronic Health Record
Benefits of the Electronic Health Record

Computerized Health Records Reduce Medical Errors
Electronic Health Records
Reduce Medical Errors

Comparison of Top EHR Systems

EHR for Small and Midsize Practices

EHR for Large Practices

Member: EClnical Works Consulting Association
Electronic Health Records Consultants Association

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