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"The user interface is what makes ACT! the best selling contact manager. 
I can enhance your database making the screen easy and pleasing for you and your staff to use."
Here are some sample ACT! screens."


1. Fax or email a sketch or graphics of what you would like your screen to look like
You can use our form at

2. I'll take it from there, and give you some suggestions

3. We will email you your finished ACT! Contact .CLY and Group .GLY file(s)


For ACT! for the Web - we can customize the screens through XML, HTML and FTP

4. Install them on your computer (click for How To instructions for ACT! 6 and 7+)

User Friendly Screens
Computer Translator at work

Order Form

Including screens for
ACT! 7+

ACT! Quick Layouts

Problem: If you have many User Defined Fields to place in ACT!, it can be very slow and tedious. 
Solution: We can create a quick screen which places all the UDFs neatly in columns.

More examples
For now we log in to your computer and do this for $60. 
If there is enough demand, we may develop an Add-On utility.

Fields Multiple Times in a Layout

Jammie Smith and AMB: Is it possible to show the same field more than once in a custom layout?  YES!

It is absolutely possible to have the same field appear multiple times on your screen layouts.

More examples

For now we log in to your computer and do this for $60.
If there is enough demand, we may develop an Add-On utility.

Free ACT! Layout Download Links

For your convenience, you can download these to your "\ACT\Layout" folder

ACT! 6.0 Layouts
in case you lost your CLYs
that came with ACT!

ACT! 2011 Layouts

More Free Layouts

ACT! Layout which shows All Fields at a glance
Contacts - for up to 15 User Defined Fields
32 User Defined Fields
250 User Defined Fields
999 User Defined Fields

Group Layout - for up to 139 Fields


Other contact managers
for those converting to ACT! from:


Broker's Ally




Harvey Mackay's 66 Questions to
Know about your Customer


ACT! for the Web

Access your database from any browser!
Field Set Designer

CosmicInternet.Net Fast ACT! Database Web Hosting


International Language Layouts

Spanish.Cly and .Gly / Espanol.Cly
and database

French Layout

Russian and languages upon request


How to Switch Screens

Select the button at the bottom of the screen, and you will see a pop up list of screen layouts.
These list the files contained in the ACT\Layout folder

More Sample Screens

User Defined Fields arranged in 3 columns of 10 rows

ACT! SQL  (2005 - 2014) Layout Editor

Before in other CRMs

After in ACT!

Corrington, UK




Contact Screen



Contact Screen

wpe9.jpg (51286 bytes)


Additional Custom Features

Custom drop down combo boxes

Custom Tab Stops for convenient data entry


ACT.Com - from InterAct Commerce Corporation

10 Web Usability Tips - from HumanFactors.Com

Human-Computer Interaction Laboratory - University of Maryland government resource from National Cancer Institute

University of Maryland Guide to Usability for Software

Usability Systems, Inc.

Ease of Use/PC Quality Roundtable
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