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Using SalesForceFox and ACTFox Technologies

We can convert the data from the SalesForce.com web-based format
to a local database format in ACT!

We can do it for a reasonable fee

Upload the ZIP file from SalesForce to us using the form at http://ACTConvert.com/send
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Then you can clean up, sort, search, modify, and analyze your data. Or you can convert it to other formats.

Maybe you were first excited about the possibility and convenience of having your ACT! database on the web. 
Then you realized that you can do that almost for free with GoToMyPC.com or LogMeIn.com

 Or perhaps you have experienced that to have a database of an adequate file size, you are paying more and more in "rent" - just to get to your own data.  The $65 fee per month sounded reasonable to start. 

But then you found you needed to pay this amount per user.  Then you found you needed more disk space, and the smallest increment (10 megabytes) costs $100/month - per user!  Soon your monthly bill has ballooned to much higher than expected.
act.jpg (1444 bytes) Perhaps you would like to get back to the user friendly, and inexpensive ACT!
Maybe you found you can't easily select your contacts to send your Christmas mailing to all your Accounts.  
You may have had to bring in a consultant to do printouts and reports that you did yourself for years with ACT!
Perhaps your Account records don't all have addresses, although some Contacts do.   We can do a global replace to make them all have addresses.
Maybe your data has become "dirty" and inconsistent, with inadequate data entry rules, or to do quick, global cleanups of your data.  SalesForce does not have enough data validation to make sure the data goes correctly in the right field.
You may have experienced the agony of not being able to access your database at all, during Maintenance times when Salesforce schedules it, or if your Internet Service Provider is not working.  It is a petrifying experience that could destroy a business.    See Salesforce Down   
Or you have been traveling and want to make use of down time, and have no Internet connection.  Every other businessman on the airplane is busy with their data on their laptop. 
Connecting your laptop to a dialup using to the Airphone costs a fortune.  ACT! is always available and connection time is free.
And you've never stopped wondering if SalesForce or some hacker might be secretly selling your customer database to your potential competitors.

We can help you get your customer database back in your own hands.

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SalesForce Tables

ACT! Tables*

  • Accounts
  • Account_partners
  • Cases
  • Comments
  • Contacts
  • Currency
  • Events
  • Leads
  • Notes
  • Opportunities
  • Opp_contact_roles
  • Opp_competitors
  • Opp_history
  • Solutions
  • Tasks
  • Users

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To send us the file, we will show you the procedure to download all your SalesForce data on to a local file.  Then we have a special procedure, using SalesForceFox to put the data into the appropriate tables with their relationships.   Then we integrate it with our ACTFox program to put your data into the corresponding tables in ACT!

When we are finished with the conversion, we will notify you of the location of your file.  You can download it with any browser.  For security reasons, it will be known only to you.  The file will come as a Self-Extracting file, for your convenience.   Then you can Download it and double click uncompress it into the ACT Database folder.

The location of this folder may vary.  Usually this folder is found in
C:\ACT\Database   or
C:\My Documents\ACT\Database

* The files will have the same "first name" and extensions as follows, using the example of the ACT Demo database. 
When the .DBF file is opened by ACT!, the other files follow automatically.

access.jpg (1135 bytes) Microsoft Access and Visual Basic were the tools first considered for this process.   However, Salesforce uses Unique_Id's that include capitalized and non-capitalized letters.  Microsoft Access treats these the same.  Usually this case-insenstivity is convenient, but not when making relations on specific characters with the Salesforce tables. 

fox.jpg (1122 bytes)So Microsoft FoxPro was selected, as it also works especially well with DBF files.

Sales and Opportunities

Salesforce associates Sales & Opportunities with Accounts (or Companies) while ACT! associates them with Contacts (individuals) so after the conversion, we need to associate them with a primary contact.  The Sales & Opportunity will still be listed on the Opportunities list, showing the Company.

We have studied and mastered the SalesForce and ACT! data structures, so you can benefit from our experience and get the job done right and quickly the first time.

"Twas the Week Before Christmas"
A story of a client that "came home for Christmas" to ACT!
Laughing Santa


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Data Conversions to ACT!




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