Preparing Your Computer to be Accessed by a Remote User

1. Download  HOST program: for allowing Remote to log in to your computer


2. Download it in to a temporary folder such as C:\TEMP
    Better yet, a folder named C:\SETUP\VNC

3. Uncompress with WinZip

4. Select Setup

5. Select Start
                Run VNC (App Mode)

wpe41.jpg (68021 bytes)

6. Properties

wpe3F.jpg (19457 bytes)

7. Click OK

8. You will see a green VNC icon near the clock

wpe40.jpg (5229 bytes)

9. Hold your mouse over the VNC icon, to read the IP address.
This will be 4 numbers separated by a period
        It will only be visible for a few seconds.

wpe44.jpg (3392 bytes)

10. Tell the person loggin in the IP address and password.

Accessing a Remote Computer using VNC Viewer

The person loggin in will put that number in the window, using the WinVNC Viewer (Listen Mode)

wpe46.jpg (8928 bytes)

Then VNC will prompt for the password:



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