Sales Track for
now available for TeleMagic Version 4

"If you don't stay in touch with your prospects, someone else will."


           Sales Track is for:

Lead Management
Sales Campaigning
Direct Mail Campaigns
Building Client Relationships
Sales Track is a machine! Some call it a ‘money machine’ for that is one of the proven results for a planned implementation of relationship marketing.

Sales Track is designed to implement one of the most proven systems in a planned and organized marketing approach, RELATIONSHIP MARKETING. Follow its principals and successful results should be yours.

Sales Track enables you to perform a series of steps and actions that will automatically generate letters and faxes for your prospects and clients, and schedule activities for your sales reps, all at the flip of a switch.

Using Sales Track will help you keep in front of your prospects and clients and establish relationships with them via a planned and systematic approach for targeted marketing.

Sales Track uses a ‘centralized approach’ in that all documents and letters are handled by the Sales Track system, thus freeing sales representatives to concentrate on prospecting, selling, and maintaining accounts. When their intervention is required in the sales process, activities will automatically appear on their calendars as a ‘call to action’.

Sales Track allows you to ‘Nurture’ and ‘Build Relationships’ with prospects and clients by constantly ‘staying in front of them’ with planned and organized activity.

Statistics Show:
  • 80% of sales are booked after the 8th call.
  • 50% of all salespeople make one call and then quit.
  • 25% of all salespeople quit after their second call.
  • 15% of all salespeople quit after their third call.
  • Only 10% of all salespeople keep calling.
  • 10% of the salespeople make 80% of all sales.

"If you don’t keep in contact with prospects and customers,
you’re giving away sales opportunities."

Sales Track Features

Build sales campaigns and assign to groups of contacts or individuals.
Automatically generate letters and faxes based on a marketing scenario.
Automatically generate calendar activities for sales reps in TeleMagic when 
a call or appointment needs to be made (with alarm option). Puts the activity 
on the sales rep's calendar.
Move contacts automatically from one campaign to another based on 
information in the TeleMagic record.
Automatically branch to new step based on dynamic conditions existing in 
TeleMagic contact record.
Updates fields in TeleMagic contact record so sales rep is aware of campaign progress.
Creates activities in TeleMagic activity manager for any document printed or fax sent.
Works with multiple TeleMagic databases at the same time.

Sales Track, what is it? An Example.

You go to a trade show and collect leads. Returning, you enter them in TeleMagic. 
You next assign a pre-defined 'Trade Show' master track to this group. The track, 
in effect, tells Sales Track to do the following:
Send an introductory letter along with literature on day one.
Five days after that, send a follow-up letter. Also schedule a call for the sales rep 
to make four days after the letter goes out. Put it on the rep's calendar in 
TeleMagic, today.
When the rep makes the call, they choose an action from a list box that sets the next 
step, such as 'turn into a customer', 'interested, but not now', 'not interested at all', 
or .... Sales Track will then automatically branch to the next step or next track 
as has been defined by the Sales Track designer.
In our track design, we instructed Sales Track to watch the TeleMagic field 
'customer status'. If it changes from 'prospect' to 'customer', Sales Track 
automatically switches the contact to a 'New Customer Campaign' track.

Sales Track Sample Screens

Sales Track Master
Track Detail Screen

  • Sales Track counts users as anyone who either runs Sales Track or has activities assigned to them in the sales track campaigns. 
  • TeleMagic Enterprise for Windows, version 3.5 or Version 4.5
  • Successful installation of TeleMagic's automation server. Sales Track can fax or print from local workstation or Automation/Fax server of TeleMagic.
  • 2 User ............................... $ 395.00
  • 5 User ............................... $ 695.00
  • Additional 5 users ............... $ 300.00

"Sales Track makes keeping in touch with clients and prospects EASY !