Take Control of Your Calls With

Tele-Support HelpDesk

Version 2.0

The Flexible HelpDesk Solution for Service Oriented Companies

for  ACT!
versions 4 & 2000
for     GoldMine
   versions 4, 5,
     & Front Office
for     TeleMagic
          version 4.5.2+

Tele-Support HelpDesk
Version 2.0 Feature List

"Setting a New Standard for Customer Service and Customer Relationship Tools"


*   Hot Tips Knowledge Base
            Uses HTML, Rich Text, or Graphics. 
*   Updates contact manager fields and creates 
     history record.
            Non HelpDesk staff are aware of tech
            issues before 
            calling customers.
*   Priority Escalation with email notification
*   Customer Inventory Management
            Use Internal Customer Inventory or contact
            manager info to track serial #’s, 
            warranties, versions, etc. 
*   Contract & Pre-Paid Support Tracking
          Track per hour or per incident contracts. 
          Updates balances remaining in contact
          manager.  Warn operator when expiration
          nears or depletes pre-purchased quantity.

*   Internet E-Mail Integration
           Easily send e-mail messages with attachments,
           hot tips, etc. via any mapi compliant email
           package (Eudora,Outlook, Exchange,etc).
           Can link both inbound and outbound 
           messges via Link database.
*   Inquiry Record with User Defined Fields
*   Idea Database
*   RMA Tracking
*   Reporting - built-in reportsMany reports
          supplied in  Crystal Reports  format so that you
          can modify and change.  Detailed summaries
          by customer, staff, category, product, priority,
          status, and user defined categories.
*   Call Dispatching
*   Link Database  Drag, drop, and link 
           documents, web sites, spread sheets, or any
           windows object to inquiry and contact record.
Screen - Queue 
Screen - Open Inquiry 

Inquiry Tracking

Every call is tracked from initial inquiry to problem resolution. Inquiry history makes it easy to reopen an already closed inquiry. HelpDesk can detect if the inquiry is duplicated, eliminating additional effort by your support staff. Quick find feature speeds contact look-up. Open inquiries stay on screen until finished. System tracks number of inquiries opened and closed each day.

Hot Tip Knowledgebase

A proprietary search algorthm finds help files from the natural language description of the problem. Help files can be read by the operator, or emailed to the caller with only a few keystrokes. Email both text and graphic files. Scan function searches history, help files, and known issues. Don't answer the same questions over and over. Answers are just a click away!

Real-Time Call Forwarding

Inquiries can be forwarded to any operator or department. If forwarded to any department, the inquiry is opened on the workstation for next available operator, ready for them to pick up the phone and handle the situation or problem. Referral system tracks who is logged on. Callbacks to be scheduled for any date, time, and staff member. Calls assigned on a next available basis.

Management Reports

Reports are provides both built-in and in Crystal Reports format, making it easy for you to use our formats to generate your own reports in Crystal.  Optional time log tracking allows summary reporting that tells you exactly who takes how long to complete specific problems. Prevention report allows you to improve documentation and systems to guide product development and knowledge-base text. Report inquiries open per day, by product, or operator. Time and billing information per day, per week or per month. Prevention notes by product and company.  Plus many more options.

NEWin  Tele-Support HelpDesk Version 2.0

Hot Tips Knowledge Base
Hot Tips knowledge base may use either Rich Text or HTML documents, located on a local hard drive, a company's intranet, or on the Web.  Using HTML also means that you can implement branch scripting via hyper links within HTML documents.  You will have the ability to view and attach any Windows files via the internet email module.   We are also including an easy method for tech support reps to construct and submit 'finished knowledge base items' for management's review.  Have your clients using and/or sharing the same HTML hot tips as you use internally.
Contract & Pre-Paid Support Tracking
This feature allows you to store in your contact manager information about service contracts.  You determine the type (per hour or per incident), expiration date or 'must use by' dates, and user defined break points where you are warned and/or blocked from opening an inquiry.  Example, warn me when contract time becomes 30 minutes or less or time until reaching expiration date is 15 days or less.  You determine the break points and the action that is to happen.  Time and/or incidents will be updated back to the contact manager.  In the contact manager, you will be able to set filters and call or make lists of impending contract expirations.
User Defined Fields in Inquiry Record
You will now have the ability of adding many new user defined fields that are part of the inquiry record itself.  Some of these fields will be indexed so that you can also use them as lookup fields.  These fields will also be available in custom designed reports.
Internet Email
This feature provides for sending outbound internet email using any windows mapi compliant email client, such as Explorer, Outlook, Eudora, Exchange, etc.  You will be able to send messages, hot tips, or attachments of any kind via Email. This email will be logged in the new Link Database (see below) and the message body will be preserved.  You'll be able to quickly browse all emails per inquiry or client in the Link Database.

Inbound email may be easily captured and selected content added to the Link Database as well.

See additional plans scheduled for Version 2.1 regarding other internet enabling features.

Link Database
This allows you to link almost anything to an inquiry record and to the contact record as well.  This includes any thing you can drag and drop from your windows desktop or applications, including shortcuts, documents, spread sheets, graphics, web URL addresses, ANYTHING.  Also included is a special type record, the email linked record, which will preserve the message body content for easy reviewing both inbound and outbound email for this inquiry/contact.
RMA Database
A special database to hold information regarding RMAs.  You'll easily record (using a user defined RMA numbering system) RMAs and report information from this file.
Known Issues "Bug" Database
Don't spin your wheels researching or looking up known problems.  Check the 'bug' database.  Contains fields such as when reported, nature of the problem, who is responsible for it, expected completion date, and customers waiting on the 'fix', 
Idea Database
What an idea!  Ever have one of your customers or prospects say "Why don't you add this to your product".  "Wouldn't it be nice if you had a whacha ma callit?" .... and so on.  Well here's a place to log all those calls, be they from external sources such as customers or from your internal staff.  These can be ideas about anything.  You'll be able to sort and list them by date, type of idea, action, and know who and how many people have made them.   Every time I asked my R & D department if they could possibly implement a certain feature, the first question they asked me was "how many people asked for it... and who are they".  I'll be ready for that question with HelpDesk 2.0.
Launch Menu
Configure any external application and easily launch it from our 'Launch Pad' icon or menu bar.
Configurable Inquiry Screen
The Open Inquiry screen is now highly configurable, allowing you three custom views of all data, tabs for products, RMAs, Links,  Time Logs, and History Records.

We've expanded the inquiry notepads to to two.  We have Original Problem Notes which contains a text description of the problem as first described, and Resolution Notes, where notes relating to the problem solving are kept.  This allows and maintains quick access to the original problem when viewing an inquiry with long resolution notes.  We've added functionality to the timer, allowing you to stop it if you walk away from your desk (under supervisor control) with a flashing timer indicating its stopped mode.

Priority Escalation System
A few new additions to the escalation system, including a 'drop dead' date to flag specific inquiries as to their special status and special escalation date.  The system will allow you to define priorities and select when they are to be escalated, how they will appear (color change) and if they should be rerouted to a different person or department.   Automatically generate email notification at user defined priority levels.  Example, when reaching 'Critical' notify assigned user and Departmenht Manager with full details.
Inquiry Queue Screen
This has been made much more flexible.  You will be able to click on any column heading to automatically sort by that column.  You can choose the fields that will be listed, the column order, and you can even resize the columns to fit your own way of seeing them.

Opening an inquiry from the queue screen has been shortened to add to clarity and to speed.

Report Writer
Version will come with 'quick reports' generated by the program itself.  It will also come with many reports using Crystal Reports.  The supplied reports will come with 'source' so that you can copy and modify our reports to make your own.  The internal file structure for HelpDesk is dBase IV so that you can use any report writer that you like.  Most all information you will need will be found within our own data files eliminating the need to link also to your contact manager to produce detailed reports.

New reports include Dispatching, Graphing, Open Call Analysis, Resolution Analysis, and more.

Support for GoldMine's Client Server Solutions
This is an optional module available with version 2.0.
Contact Manager Interface
With GoldMine, TeleMagic, or ACT! you'll be able to display and/or edit over 40 fields from the contact manager.  With GoldMine, you can display an open inquiry in GoldMine's Pending tab and then have it moved to the History tab upon completion.  ACT! and TeleMagic allow for activity history stamping as well.  These features allow for non HelpDesk staff to have a 'heads up' awareness of HelpDesk issues without having to go into the HelpDesk module itself.
Customer Inventory Database
We've been asked to implement this ability for some time now.  With Version 2.0, you will have several options to utilize this feature.   The problem.... where to store items that you sell to customers.  You'll want to know when they call what piece of equipment, or software product, or other unit that you've sold.  You may want to store part numbers, serial numbers, warranties, or other pertinent information about the products sold.   When you initiate an inquiry, you'll be able to browse the customer inventory list and extract the pertinent information and include it as part of the inquiry record itself.

Here's how it will work. 

With GoldMine, you may use the built in Customer Inventory database or utilize GoldMine's profile records.  You will define which type of profile records to browse, then select the proper one to be included in the inquiry record itself.

With TeleMagic, you'll be able to browse and select a record on a lower level, then pull the pertinent information from that lower level record into the HelpDesk inquiry.

With ACT!, you can use the built in Customer Inventory database.  As an alternative, you may use the ACT! user defined fields to store customer inventory as long as your items sold per customer is limited.  Call us and we will explain how this works.

32 Bit Product and Environment
HelpDesk has been re-written on a 32 bit platform using Delphi V as the development tool.  This has enabled us to utilize the most up to date tools, libraries, and technologies to bring you features that are state-of-the-art.  The underlying database is Microsoft Access.
Other Features and Improvements
*  Improved system, administration, and user setup.
*  Contact managers do NOT have to be open on the desktop to be used by HelpDesk users.
*  Updates, upgrades, additional user counts, can all be done over the web.
*  On-line help.   One click web updates.
*  And more........

HelpDesk Requirements


Tested under Novell and Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows 98, Windows 95, Terminal Server, Citrix. 

Total number of users

Tele-Support HelpDesk counts concurrent users. A site that uses three shifts of five helpdesk operators need buy only a five user license.  Typical HelpDesk installations will be 5 to 100 helpdesk operators. With the assistance of a fast network, up to 100 users should be able to use helpdesk at one time. 

Tele-Support HelpDesk files have a practical limit of about 2 million records. Contact data bases from 2000 to 200,000 records are typical. HelpDesk sites that experience 20 to 200 calls per day are typical. Sites that receive over 500 calls per day are recommended to test under conditions similar to the envoronment in which they will work. 

Version 2.0 HelpDesk Pricing

2 User Network.......$ 1,095.00 
5 User Network.......$ 2,095.00 
Additional 5 Users....$ 1,395.00 

For support of GoldMine's Front Office (SQL version),
     add 20% to above pricing

*  users counts are concurrent