Data Migration Services

Migrating data is now a regular enterprise IT activity. Despite the frequency, many migration projects exceed the allotted time, the planned downtime window, and the estimated costs. Symantec consultants can help your organization migrate data and files between storage entities, systems, and sites—on time, on schedule, and with minimum interruption to online applications.


There are numerous reasons why companies need to move data: reduce high storage costs, achieve standardization, comply with regulatory requirements, refresh technology, or consolidate data centers. Yet, with incompatibilities between storage systems and server technologies, plus the demand for 24/7 data and application availabilty, the prospect of data migration can be overwhelming. With data constantly on the move, enterprises need a better way to handle migrations—one that minimizes labor, costs, and disruptions.


Symantec has the expertise and technology to help organizations achieve smooth and cost-effective data migrations. Since data migration is a frequent occurrence, effective processes are essential. Our consultants will help you establish repeatable processes that give full consideration to downtime, performance, adequate roll back provisions, and other important factors.

In the majority of cases, data can be migrated using Symantec technologies such as Portable Data Containers (PDC). Our consultants can also help you migrate storage between physical sites through mirroring and replication technologies and data pump methodologies. Additional technologies such as point-in-time copies, log shipping, archiving, and backup/restore can also be deployed to execute a flexible and cost-effective migration strategy.

Why Symantec?

Symantec can help your organization achieve smooth data migrations without disrupting mission-critical applications. Let us help you transform data migration from an expensive and chaotic process to one that is cost effective and predictable

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