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Thanks to our customers for your feedback and excellent ideas for new features.  It is a pleasure to add these choices to the menu.  If you have an older version, you are entitled to free upgrades for 1 year, to benefit from the latest developments.  Check here for the latest version information

Version 8.0.1 Unlimited! - Now can handle over 10 times the "2 Gigabyte Limit"

The DNC_List.Dbf was divided in to 8 files, DNCLIST1.DBF through DNCLIST9.DBF to speed up the processing.  The software identifies which to search, based on the first digit.  This also helps to avoid a practical file size limit of 2 Gigabytes.  The import screen was changed to display the progress as the numbers are added to the database. 
This uses a special DNC technology - Divide-N-Conquer to transcend the so called "2 Gig Limit" that most databases suffer from.

Version 4.03.30

1. Select your Phone Data type and file

2. Select the field with the phone number in it, and the way you want to deal with the record

Options on how to deal with the records with phone numbers on the DNC list.

How to select and import the latest DNC list

Easier Upgrade of DoNotCallSoftware
Easier Update of FTC DNC List

Automatic reminder to update DNC List every 30 days

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