Next, make a convenient Desktop Shortcut

First, find the folder containing your application.  You can find it by clicking the "My Computer"
then C: drive
then the CallNot folder

Select View, Details so you can see the Name, Size, Modified date, and Type.  You can alphabetize the list by clicking on the Name column heading.

It is suggested that you have the Extensions (last names) of files turned on.  Microsoft Windows defaults to hiding file extensions, for some odd reason.  Go to the View or Tools pull down menu, and select the Folder Options.  Look under the View tab, and uncheck the "Hide file extensions for known file types" so you can seen the full name of the files. For example, using the CALLNOT.EXE (substitute the appropriate EXE):

Right click on the EXE file and select

Now you're ready to begin!