Mr. & Ms. Contact
Putting "Mr." or "Ms." Into your Contact Database


You have many contacts and you want to be able to specify them by gender.

It can take many hours of tedious entry to put this information in by hand.  For example, to mark "M" or "F" in a 100,000 record database, even at one every second, would take 69.4 hours.  Realistically, with breaks for eye strain, this would take 2-3 work weeks!


Mr. & Ms. Contact will quickly compare the name fields in your database and compare them with a list of thousands of first names that are specified by gender:

 Available Options:

Enter the code M, F, or B into a field for Sex or Gender

Enter the "Mr." or "Ms." before the Contact name:

"Mr." For Males

"Ms." For Females

Nothing as a prefix for names that can be Either sex.

Free Update of M/F Names
Download with right click, then Save Target As, and save in your ACTClean or Database folder.
DBF format

Compatible Databases:

This program works on any DBF database

and contact managers:

For a gender aware database

This is the same program formerly marketed as "SexNames" and "MFNames"

$45 standalone
$4.99 included as a Sweep with CleanDBF
(so you might as well get the whole program)

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How to Customize your Sweeps

Click on Add/Edit Sweeps.  It is recommended that you copy and paste these in to ACTCleanUp.

Field Value Explanation
10 This can be any number, just to sequence them.
Put Mr./Ms. in front of Male/Female names This is just a label, and can be anything
DM This means Data, Mr/Ms to provide a way of narrowing down the list.
Filter: upper(Name) <> 'MR.' and upper(Name) <> 'MS.' This is to exclude those that already have Mr. or Ms.
Name with MF_Names(FName, .T.) +' ' +Name This puts the Mr./Ms., then a space, then the Name.

Here is a Sweep for the Salutation, or "Dear" field:

Order: 11  
Sweep: Put Mr./Ms. & Last in Dear/Salutation field  
Syle: DM  
Filter: upper(Salutation) <> 'MR.' and upper(Salutation) <> 'MS.'  
Salutation with MF_Names(FName, .T.) +' ' +LName This puts Mr./Ms. then space, then Last name

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Directions for using ACTClean with Mr/Ms Contact as a Sweep

We have over 5000 names in the Name Reference File, and growing.
But there are still new ones, especially names from foreign countries.
Once you specify Male or Female, MrMsContact will never need to ask again.

To handle these "unknown names"
MrMsContact can be set to prompt you if there are any questions about the gender,
if the name is not yet included in the MF_NAMES Reference file.

Button Explanation Example
Dunno This means you don't know at this time, and will decide later, leaving it blank Agadugu
Male The name is new to the Reference File, and definitely male. Joe
Female The name is new to the Reference File, and definitely female. Sue

The first name is used by both Males and Females.
To resolve this, you will have to know the individual person.