Field Name Utility

Run this program so that the ACT Admin record will display the true names of all the fields in ACT!

How the Field Name Utility can help you

Note that in the above example, some field widths are not consistent.
Field 1011 is a width of 10 in a column that is supposed to be 15 characters.

This is a very useful tool when doing data conversions.  You can tell if the right data is mapping in to the right field.

Create one record in your ACT! database with the name "ACT Admin" which will be used to help map the fields.

wpe6.jpg (103784 bytes)

For example, we can see that User11 - User15 need to be renamed

See how much easier it makes it to name fields.
Suppose you are importing from other sources, and want to know what is what.

wpeD.jpg (80298 bytes)


You can also see the field widths at a glance.


More Sample Screens

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