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Standardizing Your Addresses in One Sweep
and other easy "global replace" changes

Software to help you clean any ACT! 2.0 - 6.0 database
We can also clean up your ACT! 7.0 databases as a service.

The United States Postal Service has developed certain standards: to promote efficient mail delivery.
A010 General Addressing Standards
They prefer that addresses on envelopes follow the following format:

Contact Name
Company or Organization
Address 1: Suite, or Mail Stop
Address 2: Building, Street Address
Address 3: P.O. Box (if any)
City, State  Zip
Country (if not USA)

Basically this means going from specific to general, from the top down. The postal services processes your mail by reading from the bottom up.

Your contact database may have these fields in the wrong order. You could spend hours of precious marketing time to cut and paste these fields in the right order. If you have thousands of contacts, this could be a full time job.

Or, you can use the ACT! Sweep Address fixer to do the job in one swoop.   Just launch the program, and in minutes your database address will be corrected.

The program works by making "sweeps" of various types (click for list of ideas)
to clean up specific aspects of the address.   Just click on the Check Box to Run a sweep.

For example, one sweep would make the state codes two character capitalized letters.
Another sweep would move the P.O. Box to be just above the city.
Another sweep can correct an Area Code. 
Each sweep may take only a second for hundreds of records.
You can customize your own sweeps.

The program can make a Log File of the Before status of the DBF, and each even during processing.

This will save hours of time, so you and your staff can spend more time communicating with your contacts,
instead of in tedious, time-consuming, cutting and pasting.

Before ACT!Sweep
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After ACT!Sweep
test.jpg (254811 bytes)

or you can choose to put the Addresses towards the City
after.jpg (123235 bytes)

This is just one of the many Preferences you can specify, where the Addr3 field is closest to the City.
You could also specify that it should be in Add2 or Addr1.  It is fully customizable.

You can convert the State Names in to the State Codes

Before - notice the State is written out

After - notice the State is now the 2 character State Code

ACT!Sweep! performs "sweeps" that make it unnecessary to buy other Add-Ons which only do a small part of what this product does.  For example, you can pay hundreds for software that fixes Area Codes when they change.  But this is just a simple "sweep" to replace one area code with another, that you can easily do with ACT!Sweep!

For example, the Sweep to change area code 515 to 641 would be:
Replace Phone with StrTran(Phone, '515', '641')

You will see in the top right corner 4 buttons which ask One Skip All Quit

One Replace just the one record you see at the top of the list of data records
Skip Skip the one record you see at the top.  Do not replace. Leave as it is.
All Replace all the records you see in the list, without asking further
Quit Exit out, and do not replace any records

Explanation of terminology

Term Description

Example Before


Swap Exchange the values of two fields Addr1: 123 Main Street
Addr2: Suite 101
Addr1: Suite 101
Addr2: 123 Main Street
Move Move the values of one field in to, and overwriting another Addr1: 123 Main Street
Addr2: Suite 101
Addr2: 123 Main Street
Initial Caps Capitalize the first letter of each word Addr1: 123 MAIN STREET Addr1: 123 Main Street
Left Align Remove unnecessary spaces on the left Addr1:           123 Main Street Addr1: 123 Main Street
Respell Exchange one word for another Addr1: 123 Main St. Addr1: 123 Main Street
Switch Exchange the order of words Name: Smith, Joe Name: Joe Smith
Update Change a new value for an old value Phone: 515-472-5830 Phone: 641-472-5830

Mr. & Ms. Contact
Putting "Mr." or "Ms." Into your Contact Database

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We can help you get rid of duplicates
Make your database more consistent
Fill in holes in your data
Quickly, saving you hours of work.

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We can also help you combine your various databases into one relational database in ACT!

We can also convert your data from one format to another.  See our matrix of possibilities.

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