What is the cost of a SalesLogix implementation?

When assessing the total price for SalesLogix there are many factors to consider beyond just the pricing for SalesLogix software itself. This page will help you to determine what a SalesLogix install might cost your company.

These include:

Pricing of the SalesLogix software (Various Options)
Project Planning
System Design
System Development
Server Installation
Remote and Synchronization server setup
Data Import
Available add-ons (Such as Knowledge Sync)

Pricing of the SalesLogix software

The first thing to consider is the pricing of the Sales Logix software itself. There are two aspects of SalesLogix to consider. You must first purchase a server suite to host the software and then appropriate matching client licenses.

1. Is which “Server Suite” will your company need?

2. Is which client license your users will need



Available SalesLogix Servers

There are three available servers



Base Server



  • SalesLogix Sales

  • Marketing

  • Support Server

  • Base Workgroup Administrator

  • Architect

  • Crystal Reports Pro 8 (unlimited viewing/printing, one user to create/edit reports)

  • Platform supports MSSQL

  • PIM Sync & Intellisync Capability

  • Remote Client

  • Remote Office

  • Network

  • RAS, or FTP sync


    Advanced Customization & Security Server


    Includes all Base server components and Platform support (If used with Oracle - requires Classic Care Ultra Support)

    Adds to the SalesLogix Base Server the following functionality and can be turned on at any time:

    Ability to add and edit Basic and SQL scripts to customizations.
    Can perform all Base Suite functions. In addition, can add Data and Managed type views used to:

  • Support tables not related to Account, Contact, and Opportunity tables.

  • Build more complex dialogs such as the Sales Order and Product dialogs

  • Create different Account, Contact, and Opportunity Detail views for different users.

  • Synchronization using RAS, FTP, or POP3/SMTP.

  • Only RAS and FTP are available in Base Suite

  • May schedule Agents from Workgroup Administrator.
    (this is not available in Base Suite)

    Also allows for the following which are not available in the Base Suite


  • Field-level Security Profiles.

  • Feature Security is available.

  • Admin Roles can be assigned to users.

  • Ability to change user Security settings via Security tab.

  • Ability to determine who can Create teams.


    Advanced Web & Wireless Server


    Includes all of the Customization & Security Server and adds to this the ability to connect:


  • Web Host

  • Sales Web Phones

  • Sales Wireless Palm

  • Marketing Lead Capture

  • Web Ticket for Customers

  • Web Knowledgebase



    Available SalesLogix Clients


    Advanced Sales User


    Works with either the Base Server or the Advanced Customization & Security Server



    Support User


    Enables the addition and creation of Support Users.



    Web & Wireless Sales User


    Works with the Advanced Web & Wireless Server Enables access via web and wireless



    Web Only User


    Works with the Advanced Web & Wireless Server Allows user to access the Web Client, Web Phone and Wireless Palm but may only view add, modify or delete information based on each user’s access rights. This user type cannot log on to the Sales Network Client.



    Web Partner User


    Works with the Advanced Web & Wireless Server Same functionality as Web Only User, allows partners or subsidiaries to access database.

    Web Viewer


    Works with the Advanced Web & Wireless Server Users have read-only access to Sales information, although notes, history and activities can be created and edited. Users do not have access to Reports or Mail Merge.

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