How To Receive Your SalesLogix Database saleslogix.jpg (980 bytes)

You will receive a link for downloading the database.

It may be a standalone EXE file, which means you can click on it to extract the contents.

Put the contents in your designated database folder, such as:

C:\Program Files\SalesLogix\Data

Then open SalesLogix and File Open the database

In the BDE Administrator you will need to specify the location

SalesLogix is best installed by a certified consultant.

Steps to import ACT! in to SalesLogix

Using the SalesLogix Import Wizard

In 5.2 the import wizard is not included in the standard SLX menus.  You can add it with the menu editor if you want.  Anyway, just go to your standard SalesLogix directory (the default is)...C:\Program Files\InteractCommerce\SalesLogix\Sales Client\ and double click the import wizard.  It's pretty much the same as previous versions.

It is nothing but a separate .exe anyway.  Try \Program Files\InteractCommerce\SalesLogix.Net\Sales Client\ImportWiz.exe

In this version it is no longer available in the Menu.  It is a separate .exe under Sales Client folder of your Slx installation.

You can put a short cut on my desktop for it it is in "C:\Program Files\Interact Commerce\SalesLogix\SalesClient\ImportWiz.exe"

The import wizard is now run as a separate .exe application.  By default it is at C:\Program Files\Interact Commerce\SalesLogix\Sales Client\importwiz.exe.

Look for the ImportWiz.exe program in the directory where you installed

Most likely the pathname is \Program Files\InteractCommerce\SalesLogix\Sales Client\

If you cannot find the .exe file, or it was never there to begin with, and you have :imp_activity, imp_history, and imp_acc_com, then Install the Admin on your machine - it will then be in c:\pf\interactcommerce\saleslogix (as this is 5.2)

Screen Shot Description

Step 1:

Find the ImportWiz.exe and click on it

Step 2:

Select the type of import you would like to perform

Perform a Custom import (ASCII, dBase, OLE DB)

Open a Pre-defined Import Map

Open a Saved Custom Import Map

Log changes to SalesLogix synchronization log.


Step 3:

Select the particular version you are importing from.

ACT! 2.x - Single User
ACT! 2.x - Multi-user
ACT! 3.x, 4.x - Single User
ACT! 3.x, 4.x - Multi-user
ACT! 5.x (ACT!2000) - Single User
ACT! 5.x (ACT!2000) - Multi User
Goldmine 2.5, 3.x
Goldmine 4.0

Log changes to SalesLogix synchronization log.

Owner Map

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For Borland Database Administrator Version

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