SalesLogix Quick Start

Making CRM easy for Small Businesses
SalesLogix QuickStart (available only in North America) delivers our promise of CRM made easy — easy to use, implement, customize, and afford. If your company needs a quickly-implemented CRM system for 5-10 users at an affordable price, then SalesLogix QuickStart may be just right for you.

There are many reasons to consider SalesLogix QuickStart. Here are just a few:

Your contact-centric system and multiple databases don't cut it anymore. You need an account-centric solution that consolidates all your info into a single database.

You want to quickly deploy a standard CRM system, then customize it later to meet the challenges of future growth.

You're looking to start with a few reasonable goals, put some wins under your belt, and get the buy-in you need to solve your long-term CRM objectives.

You're a start-up or recently merged business with no standardized business processes and no set IT environment.


Complete CRM — Guaranteed
SalesLogix QuickStart allows a small business to get a complete CRM system implemented in 30 days for an upfront, fixed price — guaranteed! By bundling CRM software, support, services, and training into one best-practices solution, we can ensure that you'll be up-and-running quickly — without disrupting your current operations.


You want your CRM system to show enormous productivity benefits with minimal hassle. The system must make your employees' lives easier and help them close more deals.

But if your CRM system is going to help boost sales, it must be easy for employees to use. And ease-of-use is why SalesLogix is chosen by end-users time and time again. Rather than boasting over 1,000 screens to view and learn, SalesLogix QuickStart features an easy-to-use interface, designed specifically for the ACT! and Microsoft® Outlook® user.


Implement Quickly, Customize Gradually
As your company realizes the benefits that come with your solution, demand for more functions, further customization, and greater personalization will follow. With the fast implementation that we guarantee, you can customize SalesLogix QuickStart at your own pace — go as you grow.


SalesLogix QuickStart starts you with a preconfigured solution to reflect what we consider to be best practices and most utilized automation features. Then, as you're ready to grow your system, you can gradually customize without requiring fundamental restructuring.

For a company with a limited budget and a small IT group (or sometimes no IT group), SalesLogix QuickStart firmly establishes a foundation for effective targeting, successful forecasting, and a complete view of all your customer interactions.


Fast Results, Faster ROI
All this sounds great, but what about what really counts — your bottom line. ROI from SalesLogix QuickStart comes from:


Higher close ratios with leads from your target market

Shorter selling cycles with Solution Selling™ Automation

Add-on sales opportunities

Reduction in market research due to centralized customer and prospect data

Fewer administrative expenses for reports thanks to automated and real-time reporting

Increase in customer calls per rep with centralized customer histories


But SalesLogix QuickStart isn't for everyone. In fact, it's designed specifically for small business. It's perfect for companies whose simple contact managers have run out of steam, yet they can't afford the cost and complexity of custom CRM systems. If your company is looking to automate more than 10 users, and your CRM deployment requires a more consultative approach, that's where SalesLogix comes in.

SalesLogix QuickStart Brochure (PDF 126 kb)


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