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HP Palmtop Training
for the US Marine Corps

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Major James C. Cummiskey

HP Palmtop training for Operation Desert Storm
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Rick Shaddock is an HP Authorized Instructor in the HP Palmtop 95LX, 100LX, and 200LX
He provides training nationwide on the use of palmtop computers for CICorporation.US

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"ACT! -- a contact manager for the 95LX that helps me manage the hundreds of professional and personal contacts I maintain."
Major James C. Cummiskey wrote an article about his success with the HP in Operation Desert Storm
"HP Palmtop joins the Marines"

HP Palmtop in the Heat of the Battle

In June 1993, the 1MB version of the Hewlett Packard 95LX Palmtop computer was deployed with the 1st Marine Expeditiary Force (MEF) to Kuwait.  Major Cummiskey was there to conduct Operation Native Fury 1-93 to exercise the global "force-in-readiness" concept.  The HP Palmtop withstood the intense heat and rigor of the battlefield.

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Major James C. Cummiskey is a prior enlisted Marine with over twelve years commissioned service as an infantry officer. He is currently assigned as the Executive Officer of the 1st Battalion, 7th Marines (Reinforced), headquartered at the Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center, 29 Palms, California. At the time of his experience in Kuwait, he was the commanding officer of Golf Company, 2d Battalion, 7th Marines.

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Private Frederick "Rick" Shaddock
Honorable Discharge March 24, 1976