How To Receive and Use Your Palm Database Palm

General Steps:

  1. Download and Unzip

  2. Load Palm Desktop on a regular full sized computer or laptop

  3. Synchronize from the desktop with your Palm device


1. Download and Unzip

You will access a link for downloading the database

It will be a .ZIP file, which means you can click on it to extract, and un-compress the contents.

Put the contents in your designated database folder, such as:


You will find four (4) files, each with the same first name, and last name (extension) with an A at the end for Archive.


Date Book Archive

Calendar Items with a date


Address Book Archive

Names, addresses, email, and phone numbers


To Do Archive

Things to Do in a priority check list


Memo Pad Archive

Notes and documents in text format


2. Load Palm Desktop on a regular full sized computer or laptop

Then open Palm Desktop and File Open the database.  You can obtain this utility from

An older but simple version of PalmDesktop 4.0 is available here. (7.8 megabytes)

Use the following steps to unArchive and load the data from the above mentioned files.

First you must set up a user.

In the Palm Desktop software, select


Enter the name of your database

New you have set up a new database for the Date, Address, ToDo and Memo files.  But the file is completely blank.  We will fill the files in by Importing the Archive files.

For each of these, you will use the File Import.. menu choice



Select the Icon

You will see the following screen
Click to enlarge, for a closer look

File Import...



Date Book Archive


Address Book Archive


To Do Archive


Memo Pad Archive


3. Synchronize with your Palm device

Now, connect your hand held Palm device to your desktop with a cable supplied by the manufacturer.

You will need the HotSync program, which loaded when you install the Palm Desktop software.

Locate the icon for HotSync in the lower right corner of your screen, near the date and time.

Press the button on your Palm to Synchronize

You will see the Palm with a screen showing the progress.

  and on the desktop you will see 

Finished! - Your Palm is now filled with your converted data!


Special notes for converting from ACT! for the Palm

The steps are similar to the above, other than the ACT! Palm software will integrate with the Palm Desktop.

Just call us so we can help talk you through the steps.