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Our Mission and 7 Goals are:

"The human brain is the hardware of the cosmic computer which,
through proper programming, can compute anything."
- Maharishi

"The consultant who tries most to make his clients self sufficient
without him will be in the most demand."
- Rick Shaddock

"We are all wireless workstations on the Cosmic Computer

Businesses succeed and are happy themselves, to the degree which they make their customers happy. 
* Bill Gates became a billionaire by making millions of people happy by not having to use typewriters and calculators.  
* George Lucas made a lot of people happy to watch Star Wars. 
* Sir Richard Branson made people happy by providing inexpensive flights on Virgin Airways. 
* Colonel Sanders became rich by providing a fried chicken recipe that made people happy.
* Donald Trump became rich by making people happy to live in his quality apartments and hotels.
* Bob Parsons makes people happy to pay less for domain names and GoDaddy is the #1 registrar.
* Fred Gratzon became rich by making people happy to pay less on their long distance calls.
* Robin Williams and Jim Carrey became rich and famous by making people laugh, and happy
* Dr. Howard Settle became rich by making people happy to buy oil at a better price.

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